Day 195 of 366 Blog Challenge: 2012


Hello all

The sign on our cabin door this morning for Geoff

Geoff’s 70th Birthday began early this morning when we woke around 2am and I said to him “Happy Birthday darling!” He said: “I was just awake thinking about it all. I cannot believe I am 70!”

No, I can’t believe it either and in fact, according to the birthday card that I laboriously searched for and bought before we left home, Geoff is actually turning 60! What went wrong here I ask you? I visited four places before finding the ‘right’ card for Geoff, but for some reason (???) I failed to see the huge letters on the front which read “60” and all in my favourite gold sparkle.

Only this morning when I pulled it out of the plastic bag to write on it (too tired last night) did I notice the error. What could I do? I simply had to laugh at myself. But it was a tad embarrassing. My excuse: it was sitting in the 70th Birthday pigeon-hole when I picked it up and it was the best card I had seen so far … with time running out.

Perhaps I can give him another 60th Birthday card when he turns 80 and we can spin this little saga out and fool ourselves a little? Yes, that’s it, this way he can remain at the 60 mark forever! In the meantime, there is nothing more I can say to make myself feel better. At least I bought him a camera before we left!

Things however, did take a turn for the better when lots of people on the ship got to know (from me making it my mission to tell everyone) that it was Geoff’s 70th Birthday and were so kind to him, especially the old lady in the lift who insisted on giving him a great big kiss as she left the lift.

Geoff outside the cabin. Note that he is holding the offending 60th Birthday Card!

Oh, the balloons and cards outside our cabin this morning were pretty good too. And later, at the HMAS Sydney II Ceremony where our Commander friend Ken officiated and threw a wreath into the sea, champagne corks popped. We were told that this was not something that usually happens at these ceremonies, but it was decided today to burst out the bubbly as a treat.

Okay, so it was only 11.45 am but it was as if the universe was trying to make up to Geoff for my craziness in the card department, by handing him bubbly so early in the day! Lots of people present at the ceremony were clinking glasses and saluting Geoff with a happy birthday. It was so nice.

People on board ship just love having something to celebrate and so they were more than willing to go out of their way to make him feel good.

So it looks as if Geoff is going to have a great day. He has Dinner to look forward to yet and judging by past experiences on board ship, it will be a big affair with half the wait staff singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him complete with a lighted cake. Maybe by then, I will feel better …?

It is rather funny though in light of the fact that Geoff has felt so proud of this epic milestone birthday, that I made a mess of it. Geoff has even skited to anyone who would listen – for the last 10 months – that he would be turning 70 ‘soon.’ For him, it was as if he was saying: “Wow, look how OLD I am?”

But perhaps it was more like a Freudian slip on my part?

It was as if I wanted to bring him back down to earth and remind him that he is really quite young and still has a lot more living to do.

In fact, he does not look or behave like a 70-year-old and everyone who hears of this ‘magic number’ says with a look of disbelief: “YOU’RE 70?”

So today, I want to pay tribute to my husband who has reached his 70th milestone – while AT SEA – and I want to wish him many more wonderful birthdays yet to come. I have no doubt darling, that you will enjoy your older years in the same manner as you have lived your earlier life, with great gusto and enthusiasm. It is something I have always admired in you: your zest for life.

Okay ‘young man’ it’s time to party!

PS: I have just discovered if I take off the “6” part of the 60 which is stuck on the card and put it around the other way, the card now reads ’90” . Let’s see if he notices ha ha!