Day 192 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

The Dawn Princess in Fremantle Harbour ready to go!

Well, the day has dawned overcast with very cold conditions for the start of our cruise today. I can just see us on the top deck of  the Dawn Princess all rugged up at 5pm for the embarkation from Fremantle.

Geoff and I hate to miss sailing out of any harbour so despite the cold, we will be there! Considering that I vowed NEVER to cruise again in 2005 when we went on our first cruise out to Vila and the islands, this will now be my fifth cruise! What changed things you may ask?

Well, somewhere along the line a few things changed that’s for sure and I do think it involved taking stemitel tablets to ward off sea sickness! In fact, it was when Geoff booked a 35 day cruise through the South Sea Islands to Hawaii and back without my knowing, that everything changed.

There were a few factors at the time. Firstly, the cruise offered was such a ridiculous price and Geoff was given 30 mins to make up his mind after a friend phoned to alert him. Secondly, I was at work and too hard to get hold of quickly. So, what did Geoff do? He just booked it!

I nearly had a fit at the time. Geoff never books anything without MY consent so it was all very odd! I could not imagine myself spending 35 long days on the ocean – probably feeling queasy a lot of the time – sailing endlessly … doing nothing but eating and drinking in between visiting ports. I thought the islands of the South Pacific would be horrible but nothing was further from the truth.

Everywhere we went, the Islanders were amazing, Hawaii was wonderful and somewhere in those 35 days I was converted to cruising and … as they say, the rest is history.

As we get ready to leave Perth, it has been wonderful to visit this city before we leave for Northern Australia. Yesterday we took refuge at the Art Gallery (soo freezing cold outside) and became art experts in two hours … as you do! I asked the security guard woman in the modern art section if she gets sick of walking around and looking at these paintings all day.

She was shocked that someone had actually SPOKEN to her! She even had to take her ear plugs out to hear me! I suppose if there had been a security problem at that moment, she could have blamed me for distracting her. I was a bit like one of those harmless old ladies with the knitting that don’t look like they would harm a flea but they are actually terrorists and underneath their jackets they are carrying pistols!

We were more comfortable in the Heritage Section of the Gallery and loved the beautiful old paintings we saw there. We were particularly taken with some silver and pewter pieces that were so intricate we have no idea how they made them in the 18th and 19th Centuries. And there was pottery and china too that were in perfect condition. So lovely.

This one is quite like the Triptych we saw in the Perth Art Gallery

One of the silver pieces by Edith and Nelson Dawson really caught our eye circa 1904. It  had emanelled in writing words which said:

Rest after toil = port after stormy seas = ease after rest = death after life = doth greatly satisfy = (little pictures of trees here)

What a strange inscription on the piece!  I wrote it down as Geoff and I were pondering on it and because I thought it was so interesting. So in the interest of high culture, I share it with you now.

Later 4pm

Now on board the Dawn Princess and here I am surrounded by opulence as I write this blog. I need to get it published so that I can scurry on the top deck with Geoff and wave Fremantle goodbye.

So folks, in the interest of my well-being (which is of huge importance as you know) I must get this thing done. Okay, here we go on the next part of our adventure. Heading to Geraldton in the morning.

See you there !