Day 190 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It was so nice to arrive in Perth yesterday after a long five-hour flight but I have to admit, I loved every moment of that flight! High up over the land I could look down through my two windows, with sunshine streaming in and watch the changing landscape down below. All the while I was listening to classical music on Qantas radio.

Luckily we had no third passenger in our row so we had room to spread out and enjoy ourselves. I was so enthralled by it all that I felt inspired to write a verse about the journey as it unfolded. All the while different music played in my earphones as an accompaniment.

I tell you friends that I was in seventh heaven up there in the clouds!

Today, it has been all about sightseeing but that can wait until tomorrow. For today, come travel with me on my Qantas jet from Brisbane to Perth. Enjoy the flight!


Way up high on a Qantas flight

My window seat affords such wondrous views

And I am bathed warm in sunshine

Earphones firmly put in place

As Yvonne Kenny sings with such emotion

An Opera that touches me

Tiredness from busy days ebbs away

As music soothes the soul and quietens my spirit

And there … down below …  lies the patchwork quilt of Australia

Clearly marked blocks of land

Some green… some brown

Sometimes large expanses of water: creeks, dams and lakes

Surrounded by craggy, rough and uneven terrain

And off in the distance lies the horizon

Etched with a glow as if the earth was flat

The patchwork quilt has an invisible ceiling

As clumps of fluffy white clouds float here and there

No distinct houses can be seen from high above

Just the vast … vast country that is Australia

Stretching on mile after mile

Meanwhile sunshine … endless sunshine streams through windows

Such a spectacular lunch time venue

With red chicken curry and small treats to follow

Washed down with white wine in glass no doubt

And all the while I hear De Bussy’s music … haunting and beautiful

While a curving river twists in an out below

Now we’ve come on a different view: moonscapes, pools

With intersecting roads long and straight

A haze now hovers o’er the land below

And a flautist plays a melody invoking Paris

“A Parisian Song” by Jane Rutter

Her great love: “Paris” she says “close to the heart”

And yet … the harsh dry land below so far removed!

Now lakes: pale blue like rough round blobs in a row

All the while sunshine … endless sunshine

Oh the Murray River now appears!

Large, twirling like a gymnasts’ ribbons

Streaming through the land in full flight

Glistening, almost dancing with delight

Wide … so wide from up above

We’re following the Murray down to South Australia

Farmland … greedy for water from the river: green and lush

Ah, a town appears … Mildura I believe

While a chorus of many voices accompanies it

Competing with a baby’s screams that pierce the air

Now hushed as quietness reigns … sleep takes hold

Ever-changing landscape down below

 What a precious time to quiet the soul …

So still … no more rush

Pinned down, seat-belt secure, travel pillow in place

Travelling the patchwork quilt of Australia above the land

Adelaide appears …

Sprawled out below: large commanding attention

And there, in all its glory … is the ocean

The Great Australian Bight!

‘Damien’ the flight attendant arrives with maps

From the Pilot: “Australia is curved not flat and we follow the curves to Adelaide

…. then across the Bight and on to Perth.”

“Oh Australia’s not flat?” comes my cheeky reply

Then back to my own little world

Following the ‘Great Big Bight’

That could swallow us up and spit us out in Perth …

And so we follow the sea … endless sea

Shimmering in sunshine below me

But not for long … sea disappears

And all that remains is a table-cloth of white cloud beneath us

Ending at the blue horizon

Time to rest and snooze awhile

Ignoring The Best Marigold Hotel

Listening to Spanish flamingo music instead

Interspersed with pictures of India on the screen

Strange without the sound

But I am content in my sunny window seat sublime

Waited on at every turn: tea, water, juice, mango iceblocks

And Yvonne Kenny sings on …

Over half-way there now

Soldiering on over the ‘Great Big Bight’

Endless ocean for over an hour: a watery death not ideal

Now safe over land again!

Green … so green with pastures all around

Announcement: descending into Perth

Patchwork quilting much greener than the east

Coming closer to the earth

Like a telescope coming into focus:


Here at last

First farmlands … then sprawling blocks

Leading to suburbia

And in the distance tall buildings grace the sky: the CBD

Now to go to ground and land this plane at last

Here we come …