Day 186 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Charlie and I were firm friends by the time I got off the bus at 2pm today.

We had been chatting since I got on the bus near the city bound for home. I had not sought him out but he was squeezed in tightly in a side seat between myself and another lady and we somehow got talking.

I love traveling on the bus! You never know what is going to happen, who you are going to meet and you can sit back and relax and almost go to sleep like I did on the way to my hair appointment.

On the way home was a different matter because Charlie appeared and after two hours of relaxing at the hairdresser, Charlie’s appearance was quite welcome.

Charlie is 78-year-old and between the two of us we solved the problems of the world, KNEW who was going to win the State of Origin (“The Decider”) football match tonight (Queensland of course), and we had worked out what was wrong with Australian Cricket as well.

But the thing that Charlie and I most want to do is write a book about diet and health. We decided upon it just when we were coming into the main Bus Station where I get out. Charlie was to continue on further.

I was telling him about my wonderful healthy diet Ayurvedic): soups, stews and porridge as well as hot milk, cinnamon and honey drink before bed. Charlie was quick to chip in and ask: “Could that include a drop of whiskey? I’d like it if it did!” Well, we laughed about that and I agreed that a drop of whiskey (rum would be even better) could be very good for my “well-being” and my Ayurveda Therapist is always concerned about ‘well-being” as a highly important factor in health.

Charlie loved this idea but when I told him that I was to have butter and cream and olive oil also, he was almost begging me to give him the name of the natural therapist who would advocate any of these ‘forbidden pleasures‘ which our parents and grandparents ate and “it never did them any harm” he said. Charlie gave me a few examples of things his parents ate and they both lived until they were 90 years old.

“But what about your cruise” asked thoughtful Charlie “how is your diet going to go then?” I reported that I have been given permission to eat whatever I like and I am ‘to have a glass of wine every night too” says Anjeleen. I explained further “apparently it is going to be good for my … yes, you’ve guessed it ‘my well-being.’ “

I have now sold Charlie on this diet … well sort of.  He has already been eating porridge every day for 40 years and as for the soups and stews, nothing could be finer for a former farmer like himself. And this is how we came to be writing a book on diet but we agreed, it is only on the proviso that it includes hot milk with whiskey!

I wonder how chickens would fare with a little whiskey added to their mash? In this cold weather it may be just what the doctor ordered? Which takes me to the Chicken Report which I failed to bring you on 1st July so here it is: better late than never:


Camilla the rubber chicken in space

CHICKEN IN SPACE Could you believe this?

I read that a rubber chicken in a knitted suit has been sent into space according to the Guardian in the UK. “Camilla” the name of the mascot at Nasa was launched into the stratosphere on a helium balloon fitted with cameras. thermometer and GPS trackers,  as the sun unleashed the most intense radiation storm since 2003. Have you ever heard anything like it? I always knew the subject of chickens was interesting, but this one takes the cake!

The reason for the mission? “Camilla’s trip gave us a chance to talk to thousands of people about the radiation storm,” said Romeo Durscher, who looks after the rubber chicken at Stanford University.”

EGG PRODUCTION:  I heard the following tip on ABC radio a couple of weeks ago when the announcer was talking to the gardener about chickens. It may be just what you need: “A pinch of cayenne pepper mixed in with your chooks’s mash will stimulate them to lay more eggs.”

The Chicken Bus in Central America

You do realise that cayenne pepper is very hot so make sure it is only a pinch or your chickens may lay more than just eggs …


I cannot finish my blog without this snippet I came across online which marries my bus experience with the Chicken Report. Apparently, in Central Americas the ‘Chicken Bus’ is the main public transport. In Guatemala chicken buses are especially colorful and attractive.

Buses are richly painted and colored outside and inside. Each bus is an art-piece; it’s decorated with paints and slogans, often of religious context. Chicken buses are noisy and unsteady, their capacity is unlimited and the bus can contain as many passengers as need be picked up. What a fascinating experience it would be to catch a Chicken Bus! I love this next piece written in somewhat dubious English:

People enter to the bus. Many of locals immediately fall to sleep. Others chatting with each other, all the time smiling. The first impression – it’s no pressure here, even in the capital city. People seems friendly and helpful, but shy.”

Seems as if I would fit in quite well in Central America due to my falling asleep as well as chatting on the bus today. Must visit sometime.

Also, as it is American Independence Day today, let us spare a thought for all those Americans celebrating today and say: