Day 184 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

As I come to write today I must begin by saying how good it is to be on the other side of the half-way mark with regard to my blog. Perhaps it is only in the mind but it sure feels good!

I want to say ‘thank-you’ to those who left me messages about gratitude on my Facebook page. I will write further about this topic but before I do, I have to tell you about some frustrations I had this morning. I tell you folks, my patience was really put to the test but I think I have triumphed.

Geoff. (as I have hinted before) keeps on leaving our doors open and letting the cold air into the house. Well, this morning we woke to 6 degree temperatures (which is really cold for us here in the sub-tropics) and sure enough, I come out to the kitchen to find the front sliding doors open a small amount. Meanwhile the back sliding door is wide open. As the front is the coldest part of the house, being open a fraction lets in enough cold air to be a problem.

I only have to look at Geoff and he knows there is a problem. It is becoming a habit now. I get up in the morning, come out and have to close every door that is open. I have that ‘look’ on my face while this is happening. Like I am counting to ten (perhaps because I am??)

When I confronted Geoff about it, his reply was: “Well Theresa, you’ve written about the glass half-full or half-emply. why don’t you write about doors half-closed or half-open?” I was not sure where this stroke of genius came from on his part and even though I had not yet counted as far as ten, I spontaneously burst into laughter. How can I stay angry when I have such retorts as this one hurled at me?

But this morning, I had to contend with Sandy the cat as well as with the doors. The cat has trained Geoff to do her bidding in whatever capacity she desires, whether sitting on his lap watching TV (and only on top of a particular rug) giving her food when requested or opening (and closing) doors on a whim.

This morning, the cat thought that as I was up and about, perhaps I should be the one to open doors and do her bidding. She kept wanting to come in the door (open it, close it) then go out (open it, close it) then come in again … and so it went on at two minute intervals. When the third occasion arose, I’d had enough and yelled at the cat (as if she was one of the children): “Enough! You’re not coming in again! GO!!!”

The poor cat took off in a flurry of fur to the Rumpus Room. She couldn’t get away quick enough from the tyranny of ‘that monster of a woman’ (ME). She promptly jumped up on Geoff’s chair where she could get a sniff of his scent to make her feel better. When Geoff commented I told him (a little unkindly) to run away with the cat if he loves her that much …

Gratitude? I didn’t feel very grateful for either of them (Geoff or the cat) this morning but the afternoon is looking a little brighter folks and I think that the equilibrium of the house has now been restored. Thank God for that for I cannot stay silent for long.

Now where were with gratitude? This is a wonderful subject and researching it has made me aware – yet again – about the wonderful practice  of writing every day about the things we feel grateful for. I have done this intermittently but one can get out of the habit and stop doing it.

Try it for a while and see how you go. Buy a beautiful notebook – a Journal – and at the end of the day write down what you feel grateful for … for that day. Revisit it at the beginning of the next. It can brighten your day folks.

Thanks also to those who left me messages on FB. Here are a few of the replies I received:

Jenni:  Family then Health x

Paula: For me, to have 3 beautiful grand children.

Marie:  I feel most grateful for my family and for living in such a wonderful part of such a wonderful country!

Terrie: My awesome family, friends( near and far), and the fabulous weather for a beautiful day out today on my birthday! xx

Jeannmarie: I’m grateful that my son, his wife & son are staying with us!!! They lost power due to a bad storm, and are here till it comes back on, which may be several days! Always good to know they can still come home!!!

Isn’t it interesting that everyone talked about FAMILY as a common point of gratitude? And when we have no family we find a group of people that we gather around ourselves who become ‘family’ to us. Our dear friend Shirley (83) is one of these people. She is surrounded by people she loves and who love her in return. I think what works for her is the fact that she loves and gives of herself generously. Isn’t that what we all do in our families?

It is good to be reminded of the other things that were touched on: health and a wonderful country with great weather. These are things we can all take for granted so let us take the time to be grateful for them as well.

And so folks as I close my blog for today, think about those stick figures of families that we see on the backs of cars these days. So many people are angered by them and I’m not sure why? When we come upon them, let them be a reminder to us to be grateful for FAMILY because some people do not have anyone at all.

Until tomorrow