This is Georgia (6) jumping on the trampoline in her backyard. “Exercise is good for me …” says Georgia



Hello everyone to my half-way blog!

Welcome also to July. It’s not quite time … yet … to light the fireworks but it is certainly time to take a moment to celebrate my half-way achievement today.

I’ve managed to keep writing every day for the first half of the year. Some days were diamonds some days were stone but the fact is: I’ve done it!

Today is Day 183 of my blog – not a number that looks important but if you halve 366 days you will get 183 every time. I love the fact that my Calendar picture for July (above) shows Georgia, the young artist, trampolining in the middle of her yard. Three trees to the left and three to the right. It is a sign folks!

Perhaps it depends whether you are a glass half-full or a glass half- empty type of person on how you will view my half-way achievement. I asked Geoff this question about how he viewed himself and he thought he was a ” glass half-empty person.” I do believe that I am a glass half-full person but only because I have a mind-set that way.

Now after writing the above, I took the time and did a Happiness Quiz: “Is your Glass half empty or half full” and I couldn’t believe it when the answer was: “You are a happy person, your glass is HALF-FULL” This is what the website said:

“How happy are you really? You may already know if you lean toward optimism or pessimism regarding your views on life. But, why not take this Happiness Quiz anyway. You may discover areas of your life where your thinking needs to be re-evaluated. You can take control, make some changes, and become a happier person if you want to.”

Here is the link. It is not an in-depth quiz as it only takes five minutes. I do grant you that the answer might change depending on how you feel that day but the questions asked make you see areas where you could change your thinking. Have fun with it:

Perhaps this is the best way to view the glass half-full?

So now that we are getting motivated to be “glass half-full” type of people, let us continue on with some positive stories about people who think this way. I simply must share with you some stories of octogenarians and the 100+ Club.

I read in the Sunday Mail this morning about three woman over 100 years old and they all continue to learn new things; they play table tennis, athletics and do yoga.

One of the woman Ruth (102) still competes in athletes (with her age group obviously) but when asked what age she has enjoyed the most said: “Every year brings something new.” What a statement coming from a person of this age and then she added: “I’ve always been content with what I have except for my red hair and freckles … but I dye my hair.

102 years old and she still doesn’t like her red hair so she dyes it! I was blown away.

After I had read the papers, I headed off to buy a gift for a friend and while in the car I heard an interview with a Dexter, a man of 102 years old who belongs to the “100 Club” and the interviewer asked him what he does to keep himself occupied. He replied “Well, when I am not cooking and eating I am usually writing.” My ears pricked up at this amazing answer.

There is hope for me after all with MY writing!  It turns out Dexter has written seven books and just keeps them coming as he has so many stories to tell from his long life. Plus he loves cooking: rare in a man of this age. It absolutely astounded me!

I was very encouraged by reading and hearing these amazing octogenarians talk about their lives. It made me rethink my own attitude to getting old. I am just a youngster in comparison ha ha . Another woman Dot (101) worried about her 70-year-old son saying it was “hard on him sometimes (with) me living so long.” She thought he should be able to enjoy his retirement and not have to worry about her!

So today as I celebrate the milestone of being half-way to my goal, I thought I should share these encouraging stories about people – far older than I am – who continue to keep putting themselves on the line every day by taking on new challenges. I almost feel like a wimp taking on a challenge to write every day in comparison with what they do! These older people are definitely glass half-full type of people for sure.

As I conclude my blog for the day, I want to leave you with this saying (that I have also pinched from the Sunday Mail Body & Soul):


This is a reminder to all of us to take on new challenges and to keep on repeating that challenge and as you do, you will become more excellent at it. And this is exactly what I hoped to do when WordPress sent me an email saying “why not blog every day for 2012?” I thought the discipline of writing every day would lead me to EXCELLENCE.

I can only hope that it does …

Not quite fireworks, but definitely time for a celebration …