Day 182 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Yes, Good Morning to you all!

At the close of my post yesterday, I stated that: “Tomorrow is another day and with the morn I will arise anew to view the world in shades of a different hue”.

Isn’t this so true folks? No matter what happened the day before, we awake the next day and everything can look different after a good night’s sleep. In my case, after ‘iffy’ sunshine yesterday, it has been wonderful to wake to brilliant sunshine. It is great to feel the warmth of the sun and even to feel good about doing my washing which has been piling up.

Yes, I do feel grateful today even for washing … and that has to be something new! I have been thinking about gratitude since last night when I read a blog about “Things to be Grateful For“. So today I want to write about the five things I feel grateful for.

At this point, I simply have to ask YOU: WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR today? Think carefully about it and then write on the bottom of my blog (or on Facebook) and tell me one or two things you feel grateful for today. Express your gratitude and it will give you such a nice warm glow.

Okay, we are away. Let’s do it:

 No. 1  I am grateful for my family

The relationships that I have with all members of my own family as well as my outer family (brothers and sisters) mean a lot to me. I don’t pretend that relationships are easy! No, far from it. The effort that we put in to making family life good is worth every minute of it. I love the holidays that we share together as a family also. Here are some of my favourite moments:

Here I am with Maria and family in Fiji in May 2012

Me with my Auntie Pauline (92)my brother Eddie and my sister Jeanette 2009

My son Daniel with Isaac Christmas 2011

Isaac’s Baptism with the Brauers and Ross’ 2010

No. 2:  I am grateful for my husband Geoffrey

Geoff and I have been married for 41 years. We have shared some wonderful times together and have much in common. It has not always been easy but I do know that Geoff has put as much effort into our marriage as I have. Somehow we have come through the hard times better than we were before.

I think our secret is not that we never disagree. No, we challenge each other often and this means we never take each other for granted! Here are some great moments we have had together:

Geoff and me at Port Denarau in Fiji in May 2012

Seeing in the New Year of 2011 together

Here we are waiting at Singapore Airport for our flight to London 2008

Looking pretty flash on a cruise to Hawaii in 2009

No. 3:  I am grateful for my three grandchildren

I sometimes think I am the luckiest woman in the world to have three beautiful grandchildren who I love and adore!

I like to think that the feeling is reciprocated too. The children have given me so much pleasure: Maria and Steve’s two girls and Dan and Bel’s boy Isaac. I love my own children, but one can be more indulgent with grandchildren. And there is LITTLE responsibility attached! God bless ’em …

I love this photo taken on a family holiday at Coffs Harbour in 2011. Alice Isaac and Violet.

My first grandchild – Alice – born the day before my birthday. this photo was taken when we flew down last year on her birthday, to surprise her. Taken outside the Opera House for dinner on MY birthday!

No. 4:  I am grateful for the financial independence to travel

Geoff and I have had some wonderful times traveling Australia and the world together. We both love to travel and we enjoy planning where our next adventure will be. I never imagined whilst growing up (and never having holidays) that I would ever get to do the things I have done! Perhaps this is why I am so grateful that my sense of adventure can be satisfied with travel.

We are the proud owners of a Jayco Eagle Camper Van and have had some wonderful holidays in The Eagle

Coming into Auckland Harbour on a cruise to New Zealand in 2010

Geoff and me on a cruise from Venice to Istanbul in 2008

Unexpected snow on the day we arrived in London May 2008

No. 5: I am grateful that I am able to enjoy the beautiful and good things in life: good friends, good food and beauty 

I have made this point of gratitude general because I think all of these things add up to make my life so much better. I am blessed to have some very close friends and lots of other friends who add to my life. And beauty? I love our garden in all it’s various seasons and I love taking the time to smell the roses with things like High Teas or by baking special treats or just enjoying the ambiance of my home.

Some dear friends from a Ladies Group

My cactus when they first flowered in 1008

The finer things in life. Note my cow milk jug that I wrote about recently

Aaah Pumpkin Damper ready to eat with dinner

The lovely print that my neighbour Denise won when we went on a cruise to New Zealand together ; she gave it to me. Love it.

So there you have it: the Five Things I am Most Grateful For. Let me know now about YOURS.