Day 181 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I come to you today devoid of anything in particular to write about!

I should be worried but I have learned not to be. I know I must let my fingers do the talking, start typing and let the blog unfold as the words flow onto the page. I can only write whatever is in my heart. So let’s start … come and take the journey of my day with me.

It has been an interesting day today. The sun has shone for the first time in five days and as someone on the radio said earlier:

Why is it that when Queenslanders (aka the Sunshine State) have more than a few days of rain they start asking questions such as ‘what is life all about’ and thus sink into depression. Then, as soon as the sun comes out, they quickly forget their previous state of mind and say ‘oh everything’s fine now, what WAS I going on about?'”

A great assessment to make of us Sunshine State maniacs who do not think they can survive without the sun. In fact, our own Dr Karl on radio – that eminent scientist and doctor – has worked out that North Queensland receives about 1-1/2 more hours of sunshine per day than any other state with Brisbane residents just a little under that amount.

So with the sun out I was happy. I was also looking forward to meeting up with my sister for a coffee later in the morning. She and her husband have just returned from a 5 week trip to Canada, Alaska and the Las Vegas area of America with all its highlights. Jeanette is three years older than me and I look up to her as only a younger sister can do. I still get a thrill when I know we are going to get together! Age does not change some things my friends.

But at this early point in the day, Geoff had headed off to do a job and I applied myself to my meditation.  It was during this time that I felt the spark of a poem beginning deep within me which would not be silenced. Washing up was still in the sink, the bed unmade and I had no sustenance (eg breakfast) and let’s face it, one needs sustenance to be creative!

Yet somehow I knew that I might not get this opportunity again to write something meaningful for a family anniversary of death which is coming up on Tuesday. And with our trip to Perth and cruise looming on July 7th time is beginning to be of the essence.

And so I found myself in dressing gown with pen and paper – inspiration coming to write what was in my heart. Where does time go when one is creating words to put on paper? Over an hour went by before the skeleton of the poem took shape; all done without any sustenance at all. Something quite amazing for me.  (I will publish the poem for you next Tuesday and explain its significance).

So my well-ordered morning flew out the door and left me rushing: eating, cleaning, showering and beautifying … enough to be rendered presentable to go out and meet my sister.

I breezed through the cafe as if I didn’t have a care in the world but to be honest, I felt as if I had done a day’s work already!

Hugs all round as it has been months since I last saw my sister, with either one of us away when the other was available. Too much time had passed and there was much to catch up on. Chatter chatter and more chatter was the order of the day … washed down with pots of tea, scones served with cream and jam; all coming to an end at 1.30pm with a coffee to get us home for lunch.

But we were not finished yet! And as I wrote yesterday on my blog about Snap Decisions, here we were ‘looking’ at ‘Specials’ as we tried to leave the Department Store where we had met for coffee.

Jeanette is my favourite person to spend time with while looking at things to buy. She has such good taste and she always has an angle for ‘why to buy‘ that I had not considered before: my sister who should be a sales woman …

So you see, I have had a lovely day! And as the sun prepares its sojourn beneath the horizon as it makes way for evening, I can see the remains of the day from my window. There is a golden quality about the light. The garden is resplendent in green from so much rain; Ireland would be hard pressed to present such lushness to the world.

And with a contentment borne of creativity, good company and lots of laughter, I feel satisfied to end my writing for the day. Tomorrow is another day and with the morn I will arise anew to view the world in shades of a different hue.

No two days can ever be the same, but as for me I will take whatever comes my way on the morrow as the sun peeps over the horizon to begin a brand new day.