Day 178 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I want to go back to our BE YOU series today but before I do, let me tell you about an article I found after writing my blog yesterday on ‘The Look of Innocence‘ when people are accused of  murder. The  article in the latest July Australian Woman’s Weekly was entitled “When LOVE turns to TRAGEDY. The byline reads: “When a woman is murdered, her husband is often a suspect.”

It deals with fours cases in which all the men were arrested for the murder of their wives, but two were found to be innocent and the other two to be guilty. All faced the wrath of the public for their ‘supposed’ crimes but not all were guilty. It’s well worth a read if you can get hold of the magazine.

Now, I want to move on to the next step in our BE YOU Series. Today we will tackle Step 7 and see what we can come up with.

Step 7: Develop and express your individuality

Note that the step begins with the word: DEVELOP … your individuality. Only when you learn to develop your individuality are you able to express it in your own sense of style, or even your own manner of speaking. It is the word  ‘DEVELOP” that we need to look at here.

In order to develop your own style, let me suggest you buy a large scrapbook and cut out pictures from glossy magazines of clothes, decorating tips and anything that appeals to you. This will give you a ‘feel’ for the things that you like and it is a journey of DISCOVERY about yourself.

Some people already know what they like and have no problem in this area, but if you wish to go further use this scrapbook idea which I tried myself from reading the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach many years ago. I loved doing this creative exercise to find out my own true style and it did help me. (

Try it for yourself, you will be surprised at what you will discover.

Also, I love collecting unusual objects that can make good talking points and so began a collection of things that took my fancy when I came across them. Over the years, I have bought many things including a beautiful milk jug in the shape of a cow (with pearls around its neck) with the milk coming out of the cow’s mouth (from Bega Cheese gift shop). I also bought a pair of colourful Hawaii-style fish salt and pepper shakers in Hawaii of course. They are such a good conversation starter!

Now, let us look at something a bit different like this saying by the poet E.E.Cummings which I thought would speak to all of you:

You only have to look at advertising to understand what this one is all about: trying to make you like everybody else! Things like the hype to have the latest iPhone or a bigger and better car. Have you ever had the experience of going out with several girl friends and they all turn up in dressy jeans and high heels while you find yourself in a lovely skirt with ballet flats? And you feel so out-of-place?

Well, it is tempting to want to conform but like everything, one has to ‘fight the hardest battle any Human Being could fight and keep fighting” in order to be yourself. Think on these things folks …

And in this piece above, Sarah gives us some great advice when she talks about stuffing our desires down and then adds:


Don’t you just love the fact that hunger is called ‘HOLY?’  Sacred. Hunger for the things that make you feel special and individual. Satisfy that hunger every day by doing at least ONE THING that gives you a feeling deep down that you are fulfilling some deep need within you. It may only be something like taking time to do something for yourself whilst your children are at daycare or even going hunting in a specialty store for something you would love to buy. It needn’t be expensive! I bought a colourful red butterfly once – made of metal – to remind myself to fly …

In conclusion, I wanted to leave you with this thought above: Take pride in whatever it is that makes you Different. It will certainly help you to develop and express yourself and to feel good about it. As WikiHelp also says:

“If your preferred way of doing something strays from the mainstream and produces positive outcomes, then be proud of it. Be a character, not a type. Learn to communicate well – the better you can express yourself, the easier it is for the people who like you as you are to find you and the ones who don’t to just steer clear.”

So folks, today I have tried to give you some things to think on about developing and expressing your own INDIVIDUALITY. It is like going on an archeological dig to find out about yourself.

Set out on the journey NOW and do not linger because you will have a great time, discovering all sorts of things about YOU that are buried under the layers of years of dirt and rubble …

We are all different shapes and sizes, which makes us all unique: EMBRACE IT!