Day 174 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Today I set out to buy a birthday card. It seems a simple task doesn’t it? However, if  you are one of those fussy people (like me) you have to search until you find the ‘perfect’ greeting card for the occasion. I know I cannot help myself … the greeting card must meet certain criteria or else I don’t feel good about giving it.

My perfect card for a woman would have to involve glitter. Don’t ask me why the ‘glitter factor’ is so huge for me; it just gives me a warm glow within and if the picture is right, I have to buy it! Sometimes, the words are important. I want the card to ‘say’ something specific and if it does, I don’t mind if it is a little wordy.

Other times, I am not concerned about the words, I just want something short and heartfelt that captures what is in my own heart. And then, I have been known to buy a beautiful card with no words just because the front of the card captures what I am trying to convey. Of course, I am not adverse to writing my own verse – or even a poem – if I feel inspired to do so.

Card buying for women is really not too hard and it can be quite enjoyable, but … MEN?

Card buying for MEN is a different ball game altogether. Who writes these cards for men with pictures of golf buggies or cars or sailing boats on the front? Or, if it a humourous card, it is either quite rude, involves lots of beer drinking and most times hardly rates a smile.  Please … someone should get the card police here and do something about it folks!

A typical card for men

So keeping all this in mind, I tried to buy a birthday card for our son’s father-in-law. I wanted to buy him something different as he turns 65 tomorrow.  You know how it is when you are looking without finding? In my case I was surfing a very long two-sided card aisle to no avail.

Firstly, I went through all the joke cards and as much as I love a laugh, none of them made me smile, so they were out. Next, I looked at all the serious ones, but they were far too over the top for my liking.  How I drat being a perfectionist! I ask you: why is it so hard to buy a card … for men?

I did find one with a lovely old car on the front which said “You are a Classic” which did appeal to me but the inside disappointed, so that one had to go too. David – Belinda’s father – IS indeed a classic. He is a one-off. You know the type of man with integrity, who visits old people with his wife Pat, has a sense of humour, is a good father/husband; an all-round wonderful human being actually.

David is always renovating, tinkering and fixing things. and for this reason, he is known to have scrapes with drills and anything electrical and is often sporting bruises or stitches. And what is even funnier, he often keeps smaller injuries a secret from his wife and shows them to us when she isn’t looking! She worries about him of course. 

All this makes us love him even more and it was the reason I wanted something that would express our warm feelings for him  through all the years we have known him – 17 years now. What wonderful times we have had together. I feel so grateful to have gained ‘in-laws’ like David and his wife Pat.

Eventually I found a card with words on the front that met my criteria and which epitomises to me the way David lives his life, facing it head on and knowing how to play as well as to work hard. The words are attributed to Mother Teresa but this is not certain.  

Nevertheless, the words are thought-provoking and remind us that we can cope with everything that life throws at us.

Believe me folks, besides the good times, I am sure all of us have had some hard things thrown at us as we travel the trails of life

Therefore, I encourage you today not to rage against the challenges and the struggles of life, but to embrace these things as part of life. And take the time to enjoy beauty, to live the dream and play the game of life.

So today, this is for David on his 65th Birthday. I found this version online:



(Inside says):     Wishing you the time of your Life. Enjoy it!  Happy Birthday!

    We SALUTE you  today DAVID: you’re the best!