Day 173 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Don’t say I wasn’t one of the first to tell you all – out there in the blogosphere – about the dwarf actors (little people) who were up in arms about the casting of regular sized people (digitally altered) in a movie coming up (see blog ‘Dwarfs or Very Short People’ June 7th).

It was of course the movie: Snow White and the Huntsman

Well actually, I thought it was a movie with a different title but now I know otherwise. And the dwarves were ANGRY … the actor dwarfs that is. Turns out they needn’t be, as some of the time the shots are of real dwarfs and not the regular actors playing the dwarves. (How confusing is all this?)

Anyway, the director Rupert Sanders, feels this dwarf dilemma is ungrounded. “I don’t think we’re really in trouble,” he said. “There’s a slight aroma of publicising one’s self instead of actually having a point.

The digitised dwarfs

Interesting to say the least? Not sure about that. He goes on:

“We specifically went after a certain group of actors because of the heritage of them having worked together so many times, and for their ability to craft characters. There aren’t that many people who can do that and so we shrunk them.

 We used a lot of little people – probably 35 or 36. They were on set with us every day. Probably 20% of the shots you see of the dwarfs are with real little people.”

Does this make us all feel better? I am feeling sorry for those ‘little people’ right now. The one time they have the chance to do what they do best and what happens? They are made redundant thanks to technology.

However, the good news is I have seen today – with my own cinema  eyes – the digitised dwarfs (and I suppose the 20% of real dwarfs also) in this movie. The digitised dwarfs  actually look strange and not like real dwarfs at all. However, according to the director he wanted this unusual effect and it looks like he got what he wanted, they do look … um … different?

I have to add at this point, that this is not a movie that I would normally run off and see but circumstances were such, that my neighbour and I went off  – on short notice – to take advantage of a special movie and morning tea offer.

But, I am glad we did as it’s a great story and pure escapism: a cross between Lord of the Rings and Joan of Arc. One entertaining review says: “For a creaky old fairytale considered by many past its bedtime-story prime, this Snow White turns out to be much, much better than expected.”  I can only agree.


Before I conclude, I want to say something about the value of  laughter. Yep, we all like to have a good laugh, don’t we? Well, I read in the Readers Digest this morning (March 2012) that “chuckling can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.” It just proves what I have always felt to be true: laughter is the best medicine!

And in the spirit of having a chuckle, I will leave you with a joke I also found in the same magazine which made me laugh out loud. Enjoy!

“A couple of cockroaches are tucking in to the contents of a bin in a deserted alley. ‘Have you popped into that new coffee shop over the road yet?’ asks one. ‘The floors are so shiny you can see your feelers in them. The walls are so clean you can’t run up them. The air is so fresh it smells like flowers.’

“Stop, stop’ cries the second cockroach in disgust. ‘Please, not while I’m eating!’ “

And just to give you some further information, the article also says research shows that couples “who openly confront each other on points of difference have lower blood pressure than those who avoid issues.”

Now that gives you permission to disagree doesn’t it? AND … you have the excuse that it is good for you too!

Until tomorrow

PS.  To read the full review on Snow White and The Huntsman: