Day 171 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Are you the sort of person who on a whim, goes to a Cafe alone for a coffee and cake? Whilst I love having a coffee with a friend, sometimes when I am out and about alone, I see a Cafe and say ‘why not?’

My favourite cafe in the ‘burbs

This very thing happened to me this morning. With my companion-husband working all week, the lure became more attractive so after a visit to my favourite little fruit shop (you know, the one where the owner talks  about his fruit & veg with such passion?) I … sort of … found myself in the warmth of Christopher’s Cafe nearby with a lust (yep lust – a ‘passionate desire’ ) for apple pie and cream.

But, what I didn’t count on, was the entertainment I would receive whilst reading the morning paper at the same time. I had to ask myself what had become of serious journalism, I really did. The news yesterday was full of discussion about papers closing down and whether there was threat to serious journalism. Here is the news report:

FAIRFAX Media will axe 1900 jobs, close printing presses in Melbourne and Sydney, and convert The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald into smaller tabloid newspaper formats under radical changes designed to cut costs as readers and advertising move online.

In other words, the odds are good that these new tabloid-size papers will probably be full of mediocre news and rubbish – dare I say it – a bit like the Brisbane ‘Courier-Mail’ I was reading at the Cafe.

Now, this is not a blog in which I will seriously address the issue of good journalism, I will leave that to others to sort out. No. I want to share with you some of the ‘mindless’ items I read whilst indulging in good pie and a pot of tea, which makes you wonder about good journalism – can it fall any lower than it already has?

Well at least it entertained me and I can see no good reason why you too, should not be entertained. Here are some of the headlines I encountered:

Generation Y’s stuck down with dreaded mid-life crisis

It appears that lots of Gen Y’s are seeking help from psychotherapists like Dr. Paul Cullen who says “I call it the 30’s crisis, it’s a different beast than the mid-life crisis.”  It seems that the Gen Y’s aged 28-32 and mainly single, are despairing that their lives lack meaning. And they are asking themselves: “What am I here for?”

To start with, I noted that the headline on the piece said they WERE struck with a mid-life crisis and then the article says it’s a different beast to the mid-life crisis. Excuse me? But didn’t the person writing the headline notice this?  I suddenly feel like I am morphing into Media Watch on ABC TV here!

Still, it is nice to know that poor old Gen Y’s who get criticised for being self-absorbed are looking at life’s big questions just like everyone else. I hope they do find the answers but I probably won’t be around long enough to find out … long term that is.

The dog named ‘Tess’ perhaps?

Dogs having Unrestricted Access to Cafes

Immediately my attention was drawn to read this piece of in-depth journalism. It would appear that the Gold Coast City Council has voted to allow unrestricted access in al-fresco cafes and restaurants under a proposal by Australian Food Standards watchdog. Yes it is true folks.

But oh no! The story continues with a Staffie dog named ‘Tess’ (of all names) who frequents the La Petite Cafe every day with her owner; something that this Tess here doesn’t ever get to do (not that I have an owner either).

How to Spot a Liar

This headline reeled me in and I wanted to know more. Yes, Steve Van Aperen, is visiting from Victoria and has written a book “The Truth About Lies: Uncovering the Fact from Fiction” and is affectionately named: ‘The Human Lie Detector“.

This highly sought after ex-policeman looks like he may have a TV show coming up in the USA. Oh, and there is a little snippet of information on how to tell if people are lying. The report says: “It takes only a twitch for him (Van Aperen) to know you are lying.” So, take care that you do not do any twitching whilst in public. Yes, just another piece of serious journalism …

Wayne Swan lashes out in Parliament

In conclusion,  I must leave you with a piece I found in the paper on politics. My thinking was initially “Oh finally, a piece of serious journalism.” But no, worse was to come. This gem came out of the mouth of the Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan (Acting Prime Minister at present).

Tony Abbott has been waxing lyrical about the carbon tax being a ‘python squeeze’ rather than a ‘crobra strike.”  Finally, Wayne lashed out in Parliament yesterday: 

 “He (Tony Abbott) is slithering around the country with a whole series of poisonous messages and a forked tongue telling untruths about the impact of carbon prices on electricity!” 

Don’t you just love it? Oh, enough serious journalism for one day!

Until tomorrow …