Day 164 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It is so lovely to see the sun shining today! After days of rain, the sunshine brightens my spirit and I find myself smiling as I look out of my computer room onto the outside world.

In fact, it is a good time to return to the BE YOU series I began on 1st May. Where has the time gone since then? Who knows … but it sure is good for my blog that the year is flying by as I come close to the half-way mark – Day 183 – only 20 days away. Okay enough of that … onwards to our topic.

Step 5: Relax. Stop Worrying

Once again, I read the heading on this step and thought how easy it is to say but how difficult it is to do! How do you stop worrying? I happen to come from a family of great worriers. In fact, I think they prided themselves on their worrying ability! As if this somehow made them better people than others. It did not.

My Grandmother had a permanent scowl on her face. She spent her days either in her chair beside the bed or IN the bed. A stroke had left her with difficulty walking and in the fifties when this happened, rehabilitation was light years away from where it is today. So, she sat and worried her life away. 

As a young girl (I was 12-year-old when she arrived) I would do anything to make her laugh and as I was the one who often had to help Mum care for her, I took the job seriously and would often have her in stitches. She would tell the family in her broken English: “Dat Theresa, she is a-mad.” But I believe she loved every minute of it.

But, it did teach me how much time one wastes in sitting worrying. I often wondered what a woman who had nothing to do, nowhere to go and no responsibilities, could worry about? Possibly it was because she had so much time on her hands, that she had nothing better to do than to worry! It just goes to show we all need occupation.

So, my response to RELAX. STOP WORRYING is to learn to live life more lightly. See the funny side of things. Make room in your life for things like playing games, going to movies and visiting with friends that you can share your gripes. I am a great believer too, in keeping a Journal for writing down some of the more difficult things that you might spend time worrying about then you CAN relax!

Try it if you have never done so before. Write down how you feel. It actually requires practise to write in a Journal but if you do this daily you will begin to hone your skills. Also once you have written out your worries sometimes solutions become clear or you might just feel better. Lighter perhaps.

For me, writing in my Journal is like a prayer and sometimes I even cry out to God: “I’ve had enough, I need help!” It is amazing how answers come when I write in my Journal. But not all of us are the same. I know someone who feels that playing the piano de-stresses them and they feel good afterwards. It seems that they get out their emotions in the playing and they feel better.

The trick is to find something that works for YOU. I also find walking in nature to be very relaxing and I can see solutions to problems as I walk. Spend some time thinking about what YOU love to do and do it. Like the Nike ad: ‘Just do it!’

But what does WikiHelp say about Step 5? It takes a different approach looking more at learning to laugh about things that happen to you.  

Relax. Stop worrying about the worst that could happen, especially in social situations. So what if you fall flat on your face? Or get spinach stuck in your teeth? Or accidentally head butt your date when leaning in for a kiss? Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward.

Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. It lets them know that you’re not perfect and makes you feel more at ease, too. It’s also an attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously!”

This is good advice. Practise learning to laugh at yourself, it makes such a difference. In fact, this morning I was cleaning up (yes, I continue with my throwing out) and came across this heading on a newspaper clipping: “That funny ‘oops’ moment is golden“. Of course I had to read it. Here is part of it:

Have you ever done something funny – put a jumper on backwards, stepped in a wad of chewing gum, spelled ‘happy’ wrong on a birthday cake – then laughed about it? Good for you. Hope the children were watching.”

It turns out that every time you laugh at some silly challenge, get a giggle out of a child (me writing an ‘N’ wrongly on a cupcake) you are modelling the value of humour. And yes, it says humour can help to “ease life’s tiny bumps and serve as a teaching moment for children.”

Now, isn’t that just great? I thought it was a perfect time to find that clipping! It is true. Kids love it when you have a sense of humour. My grandchildren often say to me (a bit like my grandmother really!) “Grandma, you’re silly!” They know I love a bit of silliness and I have had some wonderful ‘nonsense times’ with my grandchildren.

So there is Step 5 for the week. Find some time in your life to relax and enjoy the moment. Laugh with a child or even your work colleagues. I do believe that any day which includes some humour is always a good day.


Good advice to follow …