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Hello all

A very young Belinda aka 1996

Thirty-five years ago today, Belinda Kay Brauer was born. Her arrival was met with delight by her parents Pat and David: their first and long-awaited child.

Meanwhile, only 5 ks away, another child – Daniel Geoffrey Ross – was 18 months old, also long-awaited as a second child. and so, for the next 18+ years these two children grew up not far away but they did not know each other.

Only when prompted by a bet did their paths collide at a Fridays Nightclub in the city in 1995. Belinda somehow captured Daniel’s attention. Dan, remembering his mother’s playful taunt: “I bet you $20 you won’t ask any girls out that you meet Dan” promptly memorised Belinda’s phone number and promised to give her a call after dancing half the night with her.

Alas on phoning a week later, Belinda was quite ill with chicken pox and was unable to go anywhere! She was also gobsmacked that he actually REMEMBERED her number. But the date did happen eventually … much to my surprise  and I was $20 poorer for it taking place.

But, LIFE wasn’t finished with these two just yet and they had a few trials and ups and down to go through before they were ready for the next step. Eventually in 2002, our Dan finally proposed to Belinda Kay Brauer. She didn’t want him to think she had been sitting around waiting (oh no!) but she said “yes” very quickly just in case he might change his mind and procrastinate even further.

Commitment phobic Daniel had obtained advice from his father who said simply: “Dan, just do it!” All of which just proves that advice and lots of talking about ‘feelings’ by mothers and sons rarely works. It is only when fathers, who know how to pack a punch and give short, sharp and to the point advice that any notice is taken. And thank God for that!

Daniel Geoffrey and Belinda Kay walked down the aisle in October 2003 much to the delight of both sets of parents who – because so many years had gone by – had now become friends.

And so at that time, Belinda Kay was welcomed into our little family as a kind, caring and loving daughter-in-law. Now mother to two-year old Isaac Henry and twins Liam and Samuel (watching down from Heaven) she continues year after year to be a wonderful human being.

Today dear Belinda, I would like to say to you – mother to be once again (now 15 weeks pregnant) we love you very much and we wish you the happiest of birthdays. What great times we have had together! Thank you for loving our son as much as we do.

Here’s to the future with many more good times … as well as the pitter-patter of little feet to come.    



Dan and Belinda on their Wedding Day October 2003: a handsome couple …


A surf-drenched couple on Kirra Beach during our family Christmas 2005. Lots of sunshine and good times.


Taken at Belinda 30th Birthday

Belinda, Daniel, Geoff and I celebrate with Belinda!