Day 160 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

As I watched the events of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee unfold, there was a question that would go through my mind at different times. It was concerning the absence of Sarah Ferguson – aka Fergie – who was married to Prince Andrew.

I wondered how she might be feeling. Yep, like a mother hen, I was concerned for her. During the celebrations, here were her daughters Eugenie and Beatrice beaming at every event. Prince Andrew too kept popping up. I felt sad for Fergie, now no longer a royal. I know … despite not endearing herself to the Palace these last years.

Sarah looking lost …

Still, my heart did go out to her  in her life OUTSIDE of royalty, especially as she watches her girls still INSIDE royalty. It must be tricky. She must feel left out. And questions popped up such as: did she regret divorcing Andrew? (and the Royals for that matter)

Well, once again, when the student is ready the teacher will come. ‘I’ of course was the student. The teacher on this occasion was actually ‘The Times’ magazine.

I was waiting at the Dentist (as you do) and chose one of the many ‘The Times’ to read.  I also had a little interesting tete-a-tete with a 7 yr old girl just fresh out of the dentist chair which made me smile, but that is a story for later on. Before the girl appeared, I read an article at the back of The Times called “10 Questions” with Sarah Ferguson.

 Aha some answers I thought to myself!

Do you know how you usually hate waiting at Dentists (and Doctors)? Well, on this occasion I was hoping I WOULD  be waiting or I might have to actually “pinch” the page out of the July 2011 magazine. Heaven forbid I do that! Stealing is not my strong suit. But a lengthy delay ensued which meant the need never arose! I was saved.

Now for ‘the ’10 QUESTIONS’

Besides being asked about the ‘suitcase of money’ she was supposed to have been offered for an interview with her ex-husband Andrew, questions were mainly about her book and TV Show called “Finding Sarah“. However, there were also questions relating to her relationship with Andrew and with her daughters.

You can do it Sarah!

Apparently, Sarah lives in a wing of the Royal Lodge where Andrew and the girls live and she was asked if she and Andrew would ever re-marry. She replied “No, I think our fairy tale will end in the way we are now.” She went on to say that he “is the oak and I am the cyprus” and we are good this way. The interviewer commented on her apparent respect and affection for Andrew to which Sarah replied simply: “And he for me.”

Wistfully I wondered again if she regretted divorcing him and I read on. She said: “I have to learn to live without regret. The day of Kate and Williams Wedding brought it all back to me.” Aah so she did regret it. She spoke of how it was like wakening up from a dream and she asked herself “What happened? Why did I make so many wrong decisions?” 

By now my heart really went into overdrive and I was surprised at the amount of empathy I felt for her.

She spoke of learning and growing as she said “anybody can have a lapse of judgment.” Well, she has certainly has had quite a few of these lapses that’s for sure … yet, I have to stay I want to wish her well. Something within me would love to see her triumph over it all.

She spoke too with sadness about not having Princess Diana here with her indicating “I am only the ex-wife of a royal and it is a lonely place.”

Oh, I was so excited about finding out all this information about Fergie! All those thoughts I’d had were almost like a prayer that went up every time I noticed her absence at the Jubilee celebrations. Perhaps all of us would like to see her remarry Andrew? We all love fairy tale endings don’t we?

But perhaps for Sarah the fairy-tale is not about re-marrying Andrew, but about “Finding Sarah” as her book and TV Show suggests. If she has learned anything, hopefully this process in which Oprah helped her by giving her access to all her ‘special’ people might have helped.

For instance, she is told by Dr. Phil that he knows what her “problem” is. Really? What would that be, I wondered? The website says: 

“But Dr. Phil veers away from the bribery accusations. Instead, he reveals to Ms. Ferguson that she is an addict. Relieved surprise floods her face. “I do think I’m a total addict, but I don’t know what I am addicted to,” she says eagerly.

He explains that she craves approval and acceptance. And that is a vice Ms. Ferguson can live with. “I am so happy that I’ve been labeled,” she says buoyantly. “I’m an addict to approval and acceptance.” (

Once again, let me just say that I would have come away from my reading of The Times at the Dentist Surgery feeling very sad about Fergie, if it wasn’t for the bright little girl who had just had her tooth filled. She cheered me up no end. She told me her mouth was all funny and made me smile. She then continued to tell me everything else she felt I simply had to know!

Then she asked me “will your mouth go funny too?” And with that, she handed me a Dr. Seuss Book on how to clean your teeth and suggested I might like to read it. The Dentist appeared at this point and along with the mother, myself and the Receptionist, we all joined in the laughter as I was led away like a lamb to the slaughter …

Sometimes going to the Dentist can surprise us and make us smile …