Day 155 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

You know how I love my quiet Sunday mornings in bed? Geoff and I are usually propped up with our cup of tea reading the Sunday paper and looking out at our beautiful garden?

Well, not today. No. Today was different. Life was about to hand me a completely different Sunday … perhaps it knew I needed it?

Firstly I had one ten year-old Alice sleeping next to my bed on a mattress and as soon as she sensed that Geoff and I were awake, she was ‘in like Flynn’ snuggling up with us. We were coping okay with this when Geoff got up to make our cuppa.

It was then that the second child – Violet (5) heard voices from the other bedroom and didn’t want to miss one single exciting thing so she arrived too. By this time, all three of us were drinking tea or milo (Alice) propped up like three little pigs in a row.

Violet thought she should nudge her way in and make it ‘FOUR little pigs in a row!’  Eh? How would we fit in a Queen size bed with four of us I ask you? “And can I have milo please?” she asked.

Oh dear, it was not pretty what happened next. I convinced Violet to make a little nest further down the bed giving her a spare pillow and a rug that was on the bed. We proceeded to try to read the paper giving the two girls the comic section but even this turned into a nightmare as to who should have each part.

There was arguing and argy-bargy until finally the fifth member of the household – Maria – was woken by the noise and arrived to see what was wrong. At least, SHE didn’t want to make it FIVE little pigs in a row.When she saw all the drama she had the sense to leave promptly and head for the kitchen shaking her head!

And it was at this stage in developments that Geoff and I decided enough was enough and we got up and left two little piglets in the bed. They too promptly departed the scene as it was no longer exciting without the two old grandies there.  Oh to be so well-loved folks …

But there was also some fun in between all the commotion, like when I read the headline on one of the papers to Alice. “Dog People” it said and there was a nice photo of a well-groomed dog. I asked Alice “What kind of person are you: a dog person or a cat person?”

She replied without skipping a beat: “I’d prefer a dog.” When I asked why: “because they keep you healthy Grandma” (as if I should have KNOWN this  vital piece of information). How so? “Well, because you have to walk them!” Of course … silly me, fancy not knowing this?

And don’t get me started on the jokes that were taken from the comic section. Corny and cute.  

Now you can see why my Sunday morning was so different today? Yes, the universe knew I need it. And did I mind? No. What would I do without these delightful little grandchildren to turn my whole world upside down? Isn’t this better than the days when I would felt so sad because they were far away in Sydney and we were here in Brisbane?

I know them so much more intimately now that I get to spend so much time with them. I cannot imagine going back to those ‘old days’ when I would hold back tears as I waved them goodbye as their car backed out of my drive-way en route to Sydney – yet again. Ten long years of saying goodbye

So many things missed. Growth spurts that had happened. Words learned as Violet stopped saying  ‘jirls’  and now knew  it was ‘girls.’ Skills that they had picked up. Always playing catch-up. But not anymore.

What about our impromptu family gathering last night? Then there was our birthday celebration for my daughter-in-law Belinda today at Hogs Breath Cafe. Maria asked who would be there. “Oh the usual Maria” I retorted until I realised that Maria has not been part of ‘the usual’ before as she has lived away for so long. She has no idea about ‘the usual!

So I explained that it would be Belinda’s parents, her sister and husband as well as Dan, Belinda and Isaac and I said “See Maria, isn’t this lovely that you are here to share in one of our family birthdays?”

And so it came to pass. It was hectic and wonderful with girls drawing, Isaac going the rounds from one loved relative to the other, conversation across tables and lots of food arriving. All of us together at last.

Finally …

Just for one moment, I sat back and surveyed the scene, enjoying the fact that for so long I have longed and prayed for such a time as this, when our beloved girls could take part in ‘all things Brisbane’ and finally be part of the family to which they belong.

Things such as Alice getting to know all the Brisbane suburbs, singing her school song in the car to me about a Brisbane school (not a Sydney one), recognising a drawing of Tallebudgera where she went on camp recently. All things that say “this is home.”

Talk about my heart singing when I saw the ‘Baby on the Bus!’ My heart was singing again today as I recognised that they have really come home … at last.

A lot of good things are changing in my life at present and I am so happy about it. It seems that we are being led into a larger place. There was the impromptu family dinner last night and the lunch today which made me realise this.

After six months it has finally sunk in. Surely, it must be time to say officially: Welcome home girls! It sure is wonderful to have you here … AT LAST!

Home at last …