Day 151 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

This morning I travelled on the bus to go to my hair appointment near the city. It is always interesting ‘people watching’ on such an occasion.

Some people are very friendly and want to chat, others are reading and minding their own business but as for myself, I just want to sit there and take it all in. I am lost in my own thoughts. Even though I love people, I see my time sitting on the bus as a time to relax, to dream and to watch.

Today though, I encountered something a little different to usual. I was so enamoured that I took up my Blog Book and wrote my feelings in a verse. Here it is:

 The Baby on the Bus

Today I glanced across the aisle of the bus – as one does

And saw a little baby strapped to mother in a harness

Two months old perhaps?

With pink fluffy slippers

A little girl!

And I smiled so spontaneously that it surprised me

The baby  looked so innocent and helpless

Mother was talking to a friend

And then in a gesture of pure tenderness

She reached down

And with a gentleness born of love

She placed a sweet kiss on baby’s head

My heart fluttered within me

This was the second time a baby had moved me

And I had felt then the same softness in my heart

Surprised … I wondered why?

For as a rule, I am not a woman prone to swooning over babies

No, I need to get to know them first

But then again – at present – there is a promise in the air

A pregnancy in the family

A baby is coming

It should be exciting and I AM glad

But I did not feel the thrill that I should

After the loss of twins last year

My joy has been contained

Wrapped away in my heart for safe keeping

But now as the 14 week mark comes into view

I am confronted by the reality of a little hand to hold

I have a quiet joy bubbling up within me

For the first time I am allowing myself to feel it

The package in my heart is being unwrapped

For the mother within me has had her own little tragedies

And the grandmother that I now am feels things deeply

Now putting sadness behind me

And unwrapping my heart feels good

And as the baby across the aisle puts out her tiny hand

To hold the finger of her mother

I smile again … eyes glued to every movement

I savour it and feel the joy

And I thank God for the little Wonder that is coming