Day 144 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Geoff and I love the leisurely pace of a Sunday morning with a cuppa in bed whilst reading the Sunday papers.

I think it is a leftover from when we were working far too hard and feeling stressed, but somehow the tradition has lingered and it always feels so decadent. At the same time, we have the radio playing softly with an announcer who hosts a show – an iconic Australian show – called Australia All Over with Ian McNamara or more commonly known as “Macca.”

He plays a lot of country music and talks to people who phone in from all over the country telling stories about this great land of ours etc.. I think Macca has been hosting this show for over 25 years!  Anyway, on Sunday, a chap phoned him from Hervey Bay (north of Brisbane) saying how the lorikeets have taken over the Caravan Park where he was staying.

Geoff and I have stayed at this particular Park last year and we found the lorikeets to be so noisy every afternoon that you could hardly hear yourself think. And then Macca quoted a line from a song: “The lorikeet with colours of the rainbow, that looks like it’s been painted by a child.” 

When Macca played the song Colours of Australia from which he had quoted, it was so lovely that I wondered why I had never heard it before . I loved it!

Well today, I am going to present it to you and I will give you the link if you want to hear the Irish singer Enda Kenny singing it. I just need to tell my overseas readers, that Australia is a vibrant country full of beautiful blue seas along our amazing coastline, coral and reef fish, the red rock in Central Australia we know as Uluru plus the colours of the outback that you have to see to believe.

I have put some pictures I found online to go with some of the words of the song. It does give you a wonderful feeling about the Colours of Australia. Enjoy

To listen to the song, here is the link:



It’s a Cape Tribulation pastel sunrise


Whitsundays turquoise bay


Mustard yellow wattle or the bottlebrushes red


it’s the rain that falls from skies of brolga grey.
The creamy coloured steam of Isa’s chimneys
The eucalypt of dusty green and grey
No brush could ever paint these colours in a lifetime
The colours of Australia today


 It’s the haunted blackened embers of a bushfire


The orange of a field of burning cane


The green that turns to gold out on the wheat field


The pink and grey galah out on the plain.


It’s a thousand different shades of Mallee sunset
it’s colours that are never seen by day


The fish out on the reef, living coral beneath
The colours of Australia today. 


It’s the dusty powdered ochre of the Dreamtime
Snow white Franklin River running wild


The lorikeet with colours of the rainbow
that looks like it’s been painted by a child


It’s a jaundiced yellow river full of topsoil
When its trees have all been taken away
We’re paying for the past, all the colours fading fast
The colours of Australia today.