Day 145 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012


Hi there for another day

Isn’t life interesting in this day and age?

I know I am not a young thing anymore but I have always found lots of things in life to keep me amused, but never has this been more true than in our present technological age.

You see, I am well-known for my habit of commenting on things by saying “oh how interesting.” One of my younger work friends used to say to me when I would make that statement: “Theresa, I love the way you say: “oh how interesting … I am sure a story is going to follow.” 


Oh how right my friend was about that. The comment: “how interesting” is like a ponderous thought. It is one that contains “wonder”. And time to reflect.

Why am I saying this you might ask? Well, I get asked by a lot of people how I come up with new topics for my blog every day. I come up with them because I find so many things that I read, hear or see that are “interesting” that I just want to research the topic and find out more. I love it!

Which leads me to an “interesting thing” that I saw while waiting for the bus yesterday. I was busy minding my own business and standing in line to get on the local bus on my way to meeting two friends when a tall, slim and lovely looking girl came and lined up. Now I notice anything of beauty whenever it puts in an appearance and this girl exuded a certain smart but unusual style that made her stand out in a crowd.


And as so often happens when one notices something and wants to know more, she sat right in front of me on the bus. On the back of her red T-shirt near her neck was a small black circle with the word “Grilled” printed on it. “Oh how interesting” I thought. But, she also had a red and white striped wide band around her head (her hair was in some sort of top-notch) and on the right hand side of the band was a small black button with words written on it. 

Well, do you think I could read what that button said? I leaned this way and that way but I could not read that button! By this time, I was getting a bit antsy as my curiosity was now at a peak.

She was talking to the girl next to her but even when she turned her head, I could not catch it. I was about to give up as my bus stop came near and then she turned her head enough for me to see the word: “Grilled” written on the button!

Eureka! I had my answer. So … I thought … the headband comes with the T-shirt! Happy at last, I promptly alighted from the bus. Now, I know you will be asking: what did this have to do with anything?

Well … nothing actually … except my curiosity and my enjoyment of things that are “interesting” had kept me occupied on the bus and now it was satisfied.

However, the down side of this “Grilled” T-shirt situation is that today I am unable to find any of the said shirts by searching Google. How frustrating is that? So I have had to let that one go. But, it does raise another “interesting” topic altogether: the subject of  “GOOGLE“.

I am sure the founder of Google was just like me; such a curious person that he had to know everything so he set up a Search Engine to satisfy himself about all the “interesting things” that were “out there” in the world. (In fact, more about Google and Facebook tomorrow as space is running out today – a very “interesting” topic indeed).


That’s better Justin, now we can see your face

Oh, I could go on and on about this subject of “interesting things” but I must conclude this blog (which began as an entirely different topic … oh well) but let me just tell you this: I happened upon an interview on the Ellen Show today with Justin Bieber (ooh I like his new hairdo too, far better than that combed forward thing) and he sang his new song “Boyfriend.” What a great kid he appears to be.


As my granddaughters love Justin Bieber I just have to take an interest in him. But I found out that Chris Smith the comedian “interviewed” Justin before he would allow him to “hang out” with his sons! Chris wanted to make sure that Justin was sensible, not doing drugs and – wait for it – would get to bed early when he needed to be playing gigs the next day!

I heard this from Justin Bieber’s own lips folks. So there you have it. The inside scoop from TV. If you haven’t watched Ellen, you can say you got the information first on my blog. Breaking News – so to speak – from a boy who has just graduated from High School.  I wonder what he’ll do when he grows up?

Just some free advice Justin: take care now and don’t ever change. 

Until another “interesting” tomorrow …