Day 138 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Look good doesn’t it?

Hello all

Coffee anyone?

How would the world operate without the humble coffee bean? It is a question I have often pondered in moments when I have not been drinking coffee for various reasons (ones which seemed so noble at the time).

Yes, you’ve guessed it! Today’s blog is about COFFEE. I am aware that I have only just started on No. 1 of the Being Yourself list of 10 items that I commenced yesterday. Yeah yeah I know one should keep going but the truth is that one needs a break from all that deep and meaningful stuff now and again. Well, I do anyway – much as I love it!

Sooo … it is my intention to keep writing on the series of “BE YOU” twice a week only so we can have some other topics in between. Besides, I do think that developing a theme and getting the point across requires a time frame. One does not take everything in by writing for 10 days and then leaving it. It requires time to gestate within.

Here’s the thing: if the topic BE YOU appeals to you, go out and buy yourself a beautiful notebook and begin to take notes and work on it! Yes, I will do exactly the same thing and see where it leads me also. I am always open to learning new things about myself. So there you have it.


And now, it’s over to COFFEE: my favourite thing. When a topic presents itself to me three times in a day, I just have to respond! I have no choice folks. The first thing I heard this morning about coffee was when our Australian Science expert Dr. Karl (on ABC radio) was discussing how to carry your coffee to the table without spilling it. Oh, it was all scientific and such, but I thought it was hysterical and chuckled to myself. “What next?”

Within five minutes, my eyes caught a Reader’s Digest Cover which said “20 ways to kick-start your energy levels” and what was on top of the list? You guessed it? COFFEE! Dr. Sanjiv Chopra (Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School) says “Coffee is truly a life-saving miracle drug.”  I looked closer. I was not mistaken. A MIRACLE? A MIRACLE??

The article describes how having numerous cups of coffee a day protects against cancer and stroke – and lowers the risk of depression by 20%. Could this really be true? And apparently it is all there in certain studies (“large epidemiological studies” it said).

With this wonderful sense of security under my belt, I promptly went and made Geoff and I a cup of coffee using my little Phillips Senso Coffee Machine that Belinda and Dan had bought us one Christmas years ago (and still going strong). However, the day was not over yet! More was to come …

Whilst checking my Facebook after lunch, I happened upon a Newsfeed from one of my favourite clinics: Paddington Clinic and was horrified to read: 

“Doctor Herbert Herzog, one of the world’s most renowned hormone experts was asked what the worst danger to the human hormone system was. His answer was one word: coffee.”

Oh dear … I ask you: who do you believe?? It appears from my research that Dr. Herzog, a German man, is a Principal Research Fellow of the NHMRC and Director of the Neuroscience Program at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Very credible on paper for sure. But does he drink coffee? No mention of that important fact whatsoever! Has this man NO feelings? As if women aren’t suffering enough, without telling them not to drink coffee.

Let me explain myself here. I was told last year by the Chemist who was filling my prescription (whilst suffering with a gut problem brought on by antibiotics to cure another problem and yes, they were very necessary as I tried every natural remedy known to man!) “don’t drink coffee, it will help these tablets to be more effective.”

This was my worst nightmare come true. I love my coffee but with “the greater good” in mind, I abstained … and abstained … and abstained without any better result. And then I simply gave up! Back to coffee. How good it was to return to my nice little habit of one coffee a day. And I got better too.

So now my friends, take out of all this what you may. However, I present it here before you because it is what the day brought to me and I am giving it back to you. I will continue to drink coffee – in moderation – and I do not think I will be changing any time soon …

I will ask again: anyone for coffee?