Day 135 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I’m no sooner back in Australia and I discover – now that I am more focused – that Facebook never disappoints.

When you are travelling, even if you are looking at your Facebook, you don’t take too much notice of the News Feed. So, this morning as I am having my morning cup of tea, I found some things that made me smile. I do receive updates from a number of sites I find interesting so here are some of the headlines that took my fancy:

Heidi Cohen (Social Media Marketing)

“Have a blog only a mother could love?” said the headline. Well, of course I was going to sit up and take notice of this one. It said: “Bloggers are a lot like mothers. We put our hearts and souls into our blogs and want them to succeed. But the problem is that often we’re too close to them to see obvious errors that hold them back from reaching their full potential.”

Oh no, I said to myself. I don’t think I want that one today when I am still trying to fit back into ordinary life at present. Perhaps another time. But, I do like your heading Heidi … 

Paddington Clinic (Naturopathic Clinic)
“Beyond apples: A serving a day of dark chocolate might keep the doctor away”

Cannot wait for some dark chocolate!

Well naturally, I was drawn to this headline, especially when it comes from a Naturopathic Clinic! It turns out that eating dark chocolate (the darker the better and with less sugar) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving glucose levels.
Oh yes, please …  more chocolate. Forget the apples, I must put that one on the shopping list I am compiling as there is nothing in the house. Well … maybe some apples as well.
Mamamia  (Mia Freedman’s website: always interesting reads)
“It takes a village to raise a child. And even if you don’t have kids, you still need a village. Mia Freedman’s Sunday column’s up.” thus says the headline. Well, I had to read this one as one of my favourite sayings when we have been away with family and grandchildren is “It takes a village to raise a child” as we all take turns with the children when we are having fun. And this is what happened when I was in Fiji with my daughter and her family.
Well, Mia writes about a friend who has moved to another city from Brisbane as her husband was promoted and is no left with “no village” to help with her baby and 3 year old as well as other adults to chat to just to keep her sanity. Now, she is looking for a village poor thing. I did feel for her. Sorry darling, but I can’t help you there.  However, my daughter Maria does know how you feel as she searches for her own little “village support network” besides her father and me.  Good luck to the  Mia’s friend with that one!
clairevarley (An australian blogger at this address:
“An open letter to Paris (the City not the Hilton)”  This took my fancy as the day before she had written a  post which began “Oh Paris” and in it she began:

“Someone once called Paris the City of Love. Clearly this person was either drunk, lying or referring to that long-term relationship stage of love where you start to hate and resent everything the other person does …”

So now on this latest blog she is apologising for being so negative about Paris and says: “Dear Paris. Can I call you Paris? Perhaps I was a little hard on you earlier. I’m sorry.”  She continues by saying what she does love about Paris. Now this made me feel better as Geoff and I both loved Paris, even though we do know that sometimes things are not perfect there!

However, I thought of myself and Fiji and how I had written out my account – after the first day – about all the things that were going wrong. Okay so now I could write a blog and say

 “Dear Fiji. Can I call you Fiji? Perhaps I was a bit hard on you earlier. Now, I think there are some decidedly wonderful things about you that I like and I need to tell you that. Okay? You are such a unique country with your beauty, your people are so friendly that it blows my mind. We will miss you!”

Okay, happy now? I just had to get that off my chest!

Well, it is time to finish my blog for the day. Oh, by the way, before I close, I heard why Kelly Higgins-Divine whose photo blog I had been following every day had suddenly stopped posting on April 12th. She has now posted on May 5th a photo with the title “Day OMG It has been a while.” Finally, she explains how life got too hectic. You are forgiven Kelly! (

Enough for the day. Off I go until tomorrow when we shall all meet once again …