Day 134 of 366: Blog Challenge

Hello all

Well, it is nice to be home … and yet I can still hear the sounds of Bula Bula ringing in my ears reminding me of where I have been.

Today I want to share a short verse I wrote on the plane coming home from Fiji last night. In fact, I was writing it when the announcement came at 10.15pm that the plane would commence its descent into Brisbane. Then, with only a little bit to finish, the lights went out so the plane could land. The cheek of such a thing!

Well, the verse did get finished this morning while Geoff and I were rugged up in Alice’s new  bed having a cup of tea in the cool of a Brisbane autumn morning. We are home now and it does feel good, so here is my contribution to Mother’s Day from someone who does need a lot more sleep yet!


Oh, how I miss my Mother

Last night, I thought of my mother whilst sitting in Nadi Airport

I am not sure what prompted this thought

For it’s been over 20 years since my mother departed this life

But I spoke out loud to my daughter Maria and I said:

Oh how I miss my mother!”

Just like that it was said and put out into the universe

And just then, I had a memory of a moment in time – when I was Maria’s age

And my own mother spoke out very similar words to me:

“Oh, how I still miss my mother!”

And I was surprised because, to me, their relationship did not appear close

But I underestimated the bond between a mother and her child

You see, there is no card to give to those long gone.

All differences now forgotten

Only good memories remain

The bad memories are soon no more

And every time I return from travelling

I think of my mother …

No longer a dutiful daughter having to tell her mother “I have returned

No, now I am the mother and my children let me know.


One day I too will be but a memory

And my daughter may be surprised to find herself saying:

“Oh, how I miss my mother.”

And she will think of me

This is no maudlin thought

No indeed. this is simply the circle of life

And it will continue to the end of time.

Today my friends, is a day to think of “Mother”

And to reflect on the bond which lasts for all eternity

Remember her today

And be grateful she gave you life…