Day 133 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Bula Vinaka

Sunset over the sea near the pool at Wyndham

Blog Diary Day 7

With a heavy heart I now say “Greetings and Thank-you” to the Fijian people here at the Resort. This is one of the translations in Fijian of Bula Vinaka but “ni sa northey” is the pronunciation of the real “Goodbye” in Fijian. Bula can mean various things such as “hello, welcome, greetings etc.”

Of course there is an Indian version also as Fiji is made up of half Indian folk. They came here in the 1850s as part of a government scheme to work as labourers, with free passage home when they were ready. A lot of them did not want to go back and chose to stay here hence the large number who call Fiji home.

A giant fish that we caught on the beach near our pool. One man said: “it’s got a mouth as big as my wife.” Oh dear …

We checked out of our Hotel at noon but are allowed to hang around the Resort until our shuttle picks us up at 5.30pm. As usual, we have been Resort hopping and I’ve just come back from a snooze at the Queen of Sheba Lounges as the family now refer to the sun-beds at the Sheraton!

I must explain that there are pathways that join all the resorts on the Island of Denarau. Wyndham adjoins the Radisson and next is the Sheraton and then the Sheraton Villas and then the Weston. We haven’t ventured any further but there are more resorts as you go along the sea.

By the pool and under a Bura (covering or hut)

The Bula Bus is a special bus (like an open truck with seating down the middle of the bus) and for a fee it calls in at the all the resorts along the way ending up at the Port (Denarau) and then it begins again. Probably every 10-15 mins. It is great but we usually walk as far as the Weston.

So now as we take our leave, I thank all of you for taking the journey with me. I have come a long way since that first Sunday when I felt totally overwhelmed by everything going wrong all at once.

Now it seems such a trivial things and we have had the best of times since the worst of times took place! Amazing how things can turn around so quickly isn’t it?

The avenue at the back of our unit taken from our patio

See you on my blog tomorrow when I will be at home. We are getting in late tonight so we’ll be staying with Maria and Steve and sharing a Mother’s Day breakfast before we leave for home.

Until then …

A beautiful temple at Nadi