Day 132 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Bula Bula!

Well, the ‘Big Birthday” is over now. We leave Fiji tomorrow. It is an anti-climax day really with bad weather compounding the feeling. Still, I have lots of pictures from last night and some Blog Diary as well.

Everyone’s meal looked and tasted wonderful. Maria was enjoying herself immensely but when Steve handed her a package and it turned out to be the VERY pendant she wanted, she was speechless. Something I have very rarely seen in fact. 

But, when the amazing Birthday Cake arrived (that Steve had arranged) and all the staff and guests in the Restaurant began to sing “Happy Birthday to you” Fijian style, I saw Maria wipe a tear away from her eye. It was very moving and I was so glad Maria had

The Cake was lovely

decided to spend her 40th Birthday here in this country with such warm and loving people.


11 am Friday

How come I am here at the Sheraton AGAIN? No queen of Sheba today. No just a nice coffee at ‘pantry cafe’ with Geoff and Steve. Maria is the one playing “Queen” on the day bed nearby after a full buffet breakfast with Steve at the Radisson next door. We do Resort hop a bit!

Geoff and I opted out of breakfast. Lunch out yesterday. Dinner out. Black Forest birthday cake afterwards. Midnight snack of more birthday cake with Maria and Steve before bed. Breakfast today? I don’t think so. Coffee? Yes, coffee would be nice thanks.

Yes well … speaking of coffee reminds me of my last night coffee debacle after dinner last night at the Kiosk near our unit. I had ordered a “flat white extra hot” please. My usual order. Of course, I was being ribbed about it by all and sundry (and always am because I am very fussy about my coffee).

I won’t go into all the detail but oh dear, one taste told me that they had given me “flat white extra shot” (of coffee). Steve was beside himself with glee saying “I’m not surprised you haven’t had this happen before Theresa!And he is right of course. It has NEVER happened!

Well, the Fijian girls were lovely and made me another one and I discovered to my dismay that I now had “weak flat white boiling milk!” More laughter from everyone this time. No one felt sorry for me! “Serves you right” was the cry. I laughed so much and the thing tasted so terrible (and hot) that I never had the heart to complain AGAIN!

Then Alice learned over and said to me “Grandma, those girls are complaining about you.” to which I replied “But Alice they are speaking Fijian, since when did you understand Fijian? to which she whispered “I can just tell Grandma!” No indeed not so. They told me I was such a lovely person. And I’m sticking to that!!

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get home to have a drink of coke to get rid of that awful coffee. Am I cured? No. I don’t think so. The coffee I just drunk here at the Sheraton was COLD and all because I did not want to say those fateful words “extra hot.” Perhaps I should make a sign and hold it up so that baristas can get it right? Or I could join Coffee Anonomous? Oh, the mind boggles …

3pm: Friday

Left-over cake has kept us going today. Overcast skies at a Resort do not go down well when interspersed with wind and rain showers. Plenty of snoozing and reading has been the order of the day. The Alice (10) and Violet (5) have been busy regardless of the weather, coming home from Kids Club and finding comfort in coconuts. They have been searching around the grounds for coconuts for days with no luck but now they have some – they’ve had to resort to buying some from Fruit Stall near the pool! 

So now we have a Cafe out on the patio called “The Coconut Palace” which the two of them are operating. I am given a seat at the cafe and look at the menu. Hmmn …

Juice from a coconut:                  FREE      $0.00

Flesh from a coconut:                   FREE       $0.00

Toffee from a coconut (eh?)        FREE      $0.00

Note on bottom: Sorry NO Toffee left as ‘sone’ as it comes in we will let you ‘no’


I beg you … would someone please rescue all of us from coconut as we are now smelling like coconuts?! Must be off for dinner yet again.

Until our last day … tomorrow