Day 131 of 366:Blog Challenge 2012 

Happy Birthday Maria!

Bula Bula! Well, the reason we came to Fiji at this time has now arrived. My daughter Maria-Therese – first-born child – turned the Big 40 today.I can hardly believe my first-born child has turned forty! What happened to all the years? Where did they go? And who is responsible for her being such a capable and wonderful daughter?

I may have brought her up but ultimately, her choices later on were her own. So today I want to dedicate my blog to Maria-Therese – my daughter. Us mothers are so lucky you know. We carry them with us for 9 months (in her case only 7 months) and when they arrive they are new to everyone else but not to us! Amazing isn’t it?

Maria was six weeks old when I first held her in my arms and learned to breast feed her. In “those days” a premature baby was not touched or held and it had been hard visiting (from a window) and there was certainly no touching. I often shed tears because I felt my child needed her mother’s touch (or voice) but there were firm rules.

I still get emotional about it (as I am now as I write). I have never come to terms with this awful fact. It still hurts me to this day. And Maria? Where did she think her mother was? Then finally, we were together … bonding. We went through a lot together Maria and I. We both nearly died. I was told she may not live. I was told a lot of things, but she confounded them all.

Before birth, Mary (mother of Jesus) had heard my prayer: “I will name her after you if you will intercede for her to be saved.” And so it came to pass. She was named Maria after Mary; Therese after me because of what we had shared.

Happy Birthday Maria-Therese, my beautiful, talented and amazing daughter. You have not only come through ok but you have sparkled and shone for the last 40 years! I am so proud of you. Your living – like the sliding doors affect – has meant you have given us a wonderful legacy with two granddaughters and a second son (in-law) Steve. Today is a day to celebrate that fact.

Okay, now I can go on to other things! Time to tell you a little about what has been happening today:


Fiji the Blog Diary Day 5

11 am: Thursday 1oth May 

Sitting here by the pool on a sun lounge. Our coffees have been delivered and we are lazing around. Earlier we celebrated Maria’s 40th birthday over a can of baked bean on toast for breakfast (real speciality food eh?) on our patio.

Maria is presently at her 2 hour Day Spa at the Weston Resort which was Steve’s gift to her. Steve is doing a great job as a father (and a strong 6’2″ one at that) with activities in the pool. The girls love him being with them as he has the ability to do active and playful things that poor old Bampy cannot manage.

Violet has been carrying a tiny gecko around on her finger for 30 minutes but when Steve appeared, baby Geck had to go. “You’re killing him” said Steve. Violet is upset at having to let him go. She thought geckos liked sitting on her pool noodle while she swam. “No” said Dad, “they like the heat, not the water.” So Geck has been released.

Anyway” said Steve “he’ll probably die of fright now after what he’s been through.” Life at a Resort is obviously no fun for a gecko so it appears?


1.30pm: Thursday (Sheraton)

Steve has  commanded me to lay on the day-bed here at the Sheraton and play “Queen of Sheba” again while he searches for the Birthday Girl. No sign of her and we were to meet here at 1pm and she has not materialised yet. Shopping perhaps? Good shops here at the Sheraton! Her Day Spa finished at noon. Oh well, may as well sit back and relax. I wonder where the drink waiter is??


2pm: Thursday (Cafe Sheraton Villas)

Now at the Cafe but still no sign of Maria. I feel like I’m in that play “Waiting for Godot” where Godot never shows up after about four hours of waiting! Steve has now gone to the Day Spa  (10 min walk away) in search.

All of this searching has involved a lot of walking for all of us but it has not been unpleasant – walking through the beautiful gardens of the resorts; avenues of plants, passing swimming pools in every conceivable shape all bounded on one side by the sea with those famous tropical island mountains in the distance.


5pm: Thursday (home)

Maria arrived with Steve around 2.20pm. It would appear the Day Spa was running 1-1/2 hours overtime! We call it “Fiji Time” or “Bula Time” here as nothing happens fast. I wish I had the gift for being laid back as they have. Lunch overlooking the sea (without kids) was rather nice but we have to hold some back for our celebration Dinner tonight at the formal “Cross Restaurant” at the Radisson tonight.  



Oh, this is all so nice. The reason we came to Fiji. I have been serenaded here at Reception once again and even Geoff has come by and paid me a visit. I have to come to love this time of the afternoon writing my blog. I think they all know me at Reception and greet me warmly every time.

Now, I must be off. I do have to beautify myself a little before we go out but the thing I love most about being here is the laid back and casual atmosphere that exists. Really must bring my son Dan here when he turns 40. Are you reading this Dan? What do you think??