Day 130 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Bula Bula!

Every afternoon when I come to Reception to do my blog (no battery on lap top remember?) I am serenaded by Fijian singers and sometimes there are war dances too. So, coming here to write has actually turned out to be a delight not a problem.

We have been out most of the day but I have been keeping up my Blog Diary at various moments along the way for you all. Even when I wasn’t blogging I used to write a Travel Diary, so what else is new eh? Without further ado, here it is:

Blog Diary Day 4

Alice looking stunned with the singers

8am: Wednesday 9th May

Yesterday afternoon when I returned from blogging, I heard music coming from the back of our apartment. Investigation showed a group of six male Fijian singers serenading the “old” couple next door on their verandah. Then it was our turn!

Maria and I were so enthralled that we clapped our hands and danced around while they stood below making music for us.  They loved the attention. Next minute Alice and Steve appeared below from the pool area to see what the noise was about.

The singers encouraged Alice (complete with her new coconut leaf hat) to join them. Alice was so embarrassed that she stood there like a statue looking horrified waiting for the song to end. I’ve never seen Alice so lost for words. I don’t think she’ll be asked to join their group any time soon.


10am: Wednesday

Alice and I were discussing the fun we had last night. At 7 pm we left the others at home drinking cocktails and went in search of adventure. We ventured past the Lovo Feast at the Kiosk Cafe and saw a huge roast pork being carved and with all the trimmings. But, what took our fancy was the beautiful tray of cakes lined up for dessert.

Licking our lips we took off for the little shop with ice-creams in mind. What fun the two of us had. We felt like kids who had escaped from the Children’s Home! Loaded up with ice-creams for all, we headed home saying cheerily to every guest we passed “Bula Bula” to which they would reply with a distinct lack of enthusiasm … bula … bula” (such an effort).

Underneath their breaths I’m sure they were saying “Are these two crazy or what?” Later, we popped back to the Kiosk for a photo of those lovely cakes and found that dinner was almost over. The lady said to Alice “here …  choose a cake.” Alice couldn’t believe her good fortune and savoured her custard tart for a good ten minutes. What luck!

See … there is always a reward for being of good cheer, even if no other guests appreciated our Bula Bula!


Noon: Wednesday

Sitting here at Port Denarau waiting for our drinks. All six of us lined up for the famous Bula Bus which does the Resort Circuit into “the Port” every 15 minutes (photo later).

Violet the Fijian

The girls are wearing those coconut leaf hats that the ladies at Kids Club made for them yesterday. They wore no grass skirts however, as that would have been far too weird! Never mind that they’re not actually grass but coloured polyester twine. Still, the kids don’t care. They just love them and would have slept in the hats and skirts if Mum and Dad had allowed it.

How exciting to see our two girls embracing the Fijian culture so warmly. These are memories they will never forget. Tomorrow is broom-making and learning some Fijian words apparently.


3.15pm: Wednesday

The Sheraton – what a place!

Oooh …  my aching limbs! I am lying down (yes, as on a bed-type arrangement (think double bed) at the Sheraton Hotel in the outside area and having an icy-cold lime, bitters and lemonade while I wait for Maria and Steve to come back from restaurant hunting at different resorts.

Let the young ones do the hard yards and gather all the information for Maria’s birthday dinner tomorrow night while I lay on this day-bed. We’re on our way home to Wyndham from the Port. The Sheraton is magnificent! Oh how I wish I was staying here.

Geoff and me before going to the Sheraton

Geoff took the kids off to Kids Club so we are free. I am not sure what to say to the barman when he asks “…and when did you check-in Madame?” Perhaps I look classy enough in my nice long sundress and my straw Fedora hat to pass for a “Tof” do you think?

But you know me, I can’t pretend and I find myself answering “No, just visiting from another resort.” I am trying to keep the “where” to myself when he asks “Where are you staying?” and I mumble “Oh, at Wyndham.” Unimpressed, he doesn’t event bother to reply. Yeah, where the lesser people stay!

Oh, for just a brief moment I was associated with opulence. Back to reality I go to the day-bed with my drink. Maria and Steve catch sight of me from afar sitting up like the Queen of Sheba on the day-bed leaning against the pillows with drink in hand.

I see a smile come upon their lips. I can imagine them saying to each other “we told her to have a drink while she waited, not pretend she is a Grand Dame of the Resort! “ When in Rome  …


And so another day in Fiji has come to a close. The builders are packing up for the night on the construction site nearby. The Chief with his axe, who welcomes those checking in at this hour, is getting ready to check out himself. The singers have gone home.  Maria turns the Big 40 tomorrow. We have a restaurant!

It’s now Ready … Set … Go … to counting down.

Until then …