Day 129 of 366: Blog Challenge


Bula Bula everyone!

Early morning at Wyndham Resort chasing a sunrise but too cloudy …

I have come to my blog with lots to tell today. It is the end of the day and I have sneaked away to post this blog:  before the girls come home from Kids Club where they are making grass skirts and also toffee apples. 

Now today, I have kept a bit of a Blog Diary writing in my Blog Book at various times of the day. I will now share this with you .. ta dum … WITH PHOTOS!! Rejoice because I have conquered the photo problem at last! So here we go with:


Blog Diary Day 3 


Tuesday 8th May:    8 am 

Last night, with kids in Kids Club, the four of us set out to dine at the Radisson and we did … well, sort of anyway. The thing is we watched a Fijian Group (30 total) all dressed up as only the Fijians can, singing, dancing and playing music.  One minute they were doing a War Dance in grass skirts with spears and the next they were doing the Conga with the guests and laughing! You couldn’t get two opposite ends of the spectrum but I have to say they were fearsome when they were warring.

I’m glad I wasn’t in Captain Cook’s ship when he visited here in the 1770s on his way to discovering Australia. But then again, he thought nothing of befriending the natives in Hawaii and they never hesitated to kill him (and eat him reportedly!) They look and sound menacing: quite scary to behold. This reminds me that Alice was sticking to me like glue in Nadi yesterday. She leaned in and whispered “Grandma, this place scares me, the people passing me are freaky! Stay close to me.”  Oh dear I never realised.

The river at Nadi is full of debris

Nadi is an old and dilapidated town and the recent flooding has made things look even worse. It does appear rather sad with lots of shops closed “due to flooding.” However, storekeepers where we shopped were optimistic and looked forward to good times. Lovely, lovely people. Bula Bula everywhere!


Tuesday 8th May:    10 am 

I am sitting on a rock by the sea writing in my blog book. Our girls Alice (10) and Violet (5) are playing in the dark mineral sand as the tide gently ebbs and flows: it is going out. The girls are covered in black sand (which looks like mud) but they are as happy as pigs in mud (excuse the pun he he). Aren’t children amazing with improvisation?

Alice and Violet happy as ‘pigs in mud’

Violet has a discarded beer can stuccoed with sand to make a sandcastle with some sand decoration. I found a small stone with a pointy end which Alice has used to draw a long horizontal line marked with the words “don’t go past this line.” Apparently, a message for the sharks she says are “out there'”. I am watching them as Geoff lazes on the sun lounge above the rocks and just behind the huge pool area.

It is his turn to mind them in the pool shortly while Mum and Dad have some time out back at the unit. I bet they are sighing with relief that Grandma and Bamby are here (and don’t forget Kids Club!) 


Tuesday 8th May:    2 pm 

The girls making grass skirts

The girls are making grass skirts with Kids Club quite near us and every now and again, they come over to show us progress. I am reading a great book called “At Sea” which I picked up at Reception. Light, funny without a bit of breeding but just the ticket for lazing the day away. And it is all about cruising from Istanbul to Venice – something I have done myself.

I was just telling Geoff about Violet coming out this morning waving a $10 Fijian note she obtained overnight from the famous Tooth Fairy (obviously a tooth came out last night).

She said: “Look what I’ve got?” and then urgently: “Alice is not in her bed, she is missing …” I replied “Wow, Fiji pays highly for teeth! Perhaps The Tooth Fairy left so much because she took Alice in exchange?” Horrified, Violet replied: “No Grandma! She just takes the teeth to make clothes out of.” (eh??) Then she thinks again …  “But I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for Alice?!” 

The missing child … now found.

Poor concerned darling, I had to tell her: “Well, have you checked MY bed?” Ah … relief. The check shows a long lump of 10-year-old in my bed. The accused Tooth Fairy (threatening to be infamous) is now safe to come out of hiding!  



Well, that is my Blog Diary for Day 3 . It has been a restful day and I do believe when last I heard, Maria and Steve were heading to a speciality Deli (nearby at the Sheraton) to buy limes and juice to make cocktails for this afternoon. So I had better get off this computer and get into that action or I will miss out! And we can’t have that can we? 

The Birthday Girl (10/5) getting in some cocktail-drinking practise!

Until tomorrow: Day 4 of  Blog Diary …