Day 128 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Bula Bula!

After a refreshing twelve hours sleep, I awoke like Lazarus from the grave to live another day. And what a good day it has been!


We are not long back from shopping in Nadi, the capital of Fiji which is a 20 minutes taxi ride away. We have returned tired but happy with some Fijian style clothes.  I don’t don’t but something comes over people who come to Fiji. They change. Even conservative people say Bula Bula to everyone and begin wearing clothes covered in hibiscus flowers.  Even Alice and Violet had to had Fijian dresses and flowers and necklaces with hibiscus flowers. You get the idea?


Now, let me report on the state of things here. Some of you showed concern about the contents of my blog yesterday. It’s just that when i cam to write it I wanted to run away as I felt I had nothing nice to say. The think is, I am not good at pretence and writing stuff I do not feel is alien to me. Sorry folks if I scared you just a tad!

So I tried to write out how I felt – in a poetic manner – in order to make sense of everything that went wrong from the moment we arrived here. And do you know what, like Kathy Lette, the writer said “I write for therapy” well, therapy I received!

Also a motto I saw today on a Nadi Primary School which said “Truth is Victory.” Well it was! For, as I wrote of the exhaustive frustrations on our arrival, the TRUTH of it all welled up within me and I saw so clearly what was important and my faith in the wonderful human beings I met restored me.

It was then I knew that NONE of the things going wrong would matter down the track and we would laugh about it all. And today we have! I saw the truth of the wonderful spirit and caring of the Fijian people and what was most important to THEM. They inspired me to be likewise.

Yesterday afternoon, saw an uplift in the events of the early morning. Fun and hilarity in the pool followed my writing. Alice came back to the apartment, her eyes wide with wonder as she told us: “Bampy is in the pool Grandma, surrounded by young women in their twenties.” She thought this was high cause for alarm and so off we went to check out Geoff’s fortunate turn of luck. And yes, it was all too true! The women were delightful – even if they were in their thirties! 


Later, we all enjoyed cocktails in long glasses by the pool and watched a mini sunset over the sea as we chatted and laughed whilst the girls swam. The highlight of the night was returned in our Bula clothes to have a Fijian buffet by the pool … in the moonlight whilst serenaded by singing Fijians.

Report: Food yummy (especially the garlic fish). Atmosphere great. We did not linger as sleep deprivation set in after a good meal and by 8.30pm we were all fast asleep in bed!

When I have finished my blog we will be off to the Radisson Resort next door to eat dinner (remember we have no proper restaurant as it has been demolished  due to the dreaded “refurbishment! refurbishment!) But first, kids go to Kids Club from 6 – 9 pm.

Maria and Steve are still getting excited about eating in peace. Read this and drool those of you who are parents: Kids Club every day from 9-12 then  1-4 pm and again 6-9 pm.  And you wonder why parents love coming to these places!


I apologise for no photos on my blog. The fact is, I have taken heaps but as the battery to my laptop is sitting on a chair at home (my neighbour has checked) I have to come to the public computer to blog. Not sure how I put photos on this public computer – will try to work that one out.

So as I close my Bula Blog for today, I want us all to remember that our seeming little so-called ‘tragedies’ like we had yesterday can lead us one way or the other: Victory and inspiration or Anger and depression. Well, I have chosen to be inspired and uplifted by the spirit of the beautiful people I have met here. I suppose this is how we change the world.