Day 126 of 366: Blog Challenge

Hello all

Well, the day of departure has arrived. Come fly with me … to Fiji!

Okay folks, I am taking all of you – WITH ME – to Fiji for a week’s holiday at a five-star Resort. Well … sort of anyway. A virtual trip perhaps? Do you want to come along for the ride?

If you decide to “come” I will share with you all the delights of this tropical island. I am not wanting to skite but I have been to Fiji before! Remember?  Geoff and I cruised through the South Pacific in 2009 and during this time spent a day in Suva and another day in Port Denarau so we feel a little laid back about the whole thing.

We know what to expect: the Worldmark by Wyndham Resort (we have a 3-bedroom apartment) is beautiful with a swim-up bar overlooking the sea.

Photo taken from the Bula Bus when we hopped aboard to see the resorts in Denareau

The Apartments

The hospitality of the people in Fiji is wonderful; dancers always seem to appear out of nowhere:

We were given a welcome in Port Denarau

The Islands: one can visit by catamaran or sailing boat, the many small islands in Fiji for lunch and activities.

South Sea Island appears out of nowhere

They are thousands of these island all around Fiji. When we arrived we were greeted by the following beach scene which blew us away. We snorkelled, swam, had a magnificent lunch and were entertained by Fijian dancers (again) and we had a glass-bottomed boat adventure as well.

No, that is not Geoff and me on the beach!

And Suva is a great place to shop; the Aussie dollar is better  than the Fijian dollar and prices are always good.

Suva from the ship

Everywhere you look, you see and hear the word BULA. It is a greeting meaning “Hello and Welcome.” They are Bula crazy in Fiji!

Geoff with his new Bula shirt. He tries on a Fijian skirt which he does NOT buy!

Now, all we have to do is finish off the packing (almost done) and be at the airport at 9.30pm tonight with our daughter Maria, husband Steve and two darlings Alice and Violet and we are off.   But before I finish up, let me share something Geoff said to me this morning as only he can do:

My hair had been coloured and cut on Thursday and I was telling Geoff this morning (while drinking my tea in bed) that I was changing the style and therefore, the cut is a bit different to normal. Geoff’s response: “Oh, is that why you look like an upside-down artichoke?!”

What sort of confidence do you think this observation has given me? I have to admit that a lot of laughter followed. Now as if this wasn’t enough “blog fodder” for the morning, Geoff just happened to mention: “Speaking about hair, did you know when they “took out” Osama Bin Laden, they found a good supply of “Just for Men” hair dye there. It seems as if he needed to keep up appearances!”

Is this true? Geoff swears it is! And with that little tale, I will leave you to continue getting ready for the midnight flight. Who in their right minds, would schedule the only Qantas flight at THIS hour? PLEASE EXPLAIN?!  

Okay … it’s time: “Come Fly with Me” and get ready for the adventure on tomorrow’s blog from Port Denarau.

Until then