Day 125 of 365: Blog Challenge

Hello all

I must be the only person left in the world – of my age group anyway – who has not seen the Star Wars movies.

Yes, and I’ve not even seen the first one either. But, to be fair, I have seen bits and pieces of it but I was not able to last longer than 30 minutes at any time. Sorry!  Still, it doesn’t stop me from wishing all of you dire-heart fans out there:

Happy International Star Wars Day!

As it says on the above picture: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! You may need to know some things about this day, just so you can say “I know okay?!”

“International Star Wars Day was celebrated today on 4th May 2010. This day was called as “May the fourth be with you”. The day is an unofficial celebration in memory of the remarkably hit: Star Wars series.

Apparently, the search for the “may the fourth be with you” has definitely created a chaos in the world of cyber space! Yes, everyone is searching for it since it began two years ago. Fans are looking for the famous quotes and some remarkable episodes.”

Of course the quote above has imminence to the ObiWan’s famous phrase “may the force be with you”. Now, even I know that! There are those who simply love this series of movies and the hype now continues via video games and tee-shirts and any other thing they can find. I found this website selling statues and all sorts of Star Wars bits ‘n bobs; if you are a fan you can get a discount:


This people have used their love of Star Wars to do something great …

Actually, I found out about Star Wars Day on the radio this morning (where I find out all my useless information) but this afternoon I found out even more stuff! It is all about a group called “The Redback Garrison.” Now I did cut out some of the hard work for you all and found this Mission Statement which explains everything so well:

Redback Garrison Mission Statement: 

“The Redback Garrison is a part of the 501st Legion, which is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate.

Through the building and wearing of high-quality Star Wars costumes, we endeavour to contribute to the local community through extensive costumed charity and volunteer work, as well as promote interest in Star Wars at official events.”

At the moment the Redback Squad is working on behalf of The Starlight Foundation to raise money; you may see them at places like Movieworld (on our Gold Coast). Now just by coincidence (or perhaps not?) it is National Starlight Day here in Australia today also. How great is that? The website says it far better than I could:

“Starlight Day, running throughout the month of May is the largest national fundraising event of the year, with the major activities occurring on May 4th. This year we hope to raise $2 million to help transform the hospital experience for seriously ill children from pain, fear and boredom to fun, joy and laughter.”

It is so good that, by combining Star Wars Day and Starlight Day, lots of money will be raised for sick children. Well done Redback Squad. I applaud you!


Now I must close this post for the day but firstly, let me say that I have not finished with you all yet in regard to my Be Happy topic taken from my wellbeing Calendar for May. The next part says: BE YOU. I want to look further at these two little words. For just like the BE HAPPY words, they say far more than is apparent on the surface.

But time has run out due to Star Wars Day. Sooooo …  I plan to revisit this topic when I return from Fiji in a weeks time, probably about Mon 14th May and then I have some great things to share with you all.

Until tomorrow.

PS I leave for Fiji tomorrow night so one more blog from BrisVegas (the name all of us who live here, call Brisbane!!)