Day 122 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Well, it is the first day of May and I am now into my fifth month of writing on this blog. Methinks it is time for a recap of how things are going … 

I have written 121 posts so far, hardly time for a huge celebration but it certainly is a milestone for my humble little Life with Tess blog! With four months of blogging behind me I may be about to hit the time when I am tempted to feel it will never end.

And yet …  now that I have woken feeling brighter today (the doctor said ‘the flu virus will not go away unless you rest’ so ‘I am a good girl I am.’), I think I may just keep on going after all! Only one problem with today: getting an infected tooth out before I go to Fiji.

One never asks  for a week such as this. No it simply happens and you make the most of it going on with as good grace as you can muster. Isn’t it nice to know that we all have our challenges? You are not alone. But as Gloria Gaynor belted out in her song about surviving: “I will survive! I will survive! Yeah Yeah!” I like song that right now.

So now as I write, I have a big piece of cotton in my mouth pressing down on the hole where the back tooth once lived. “Eat on the other side” said the Dentist cheerfully, “you’ll be fine.” Have you ever tried eating on one side while a big piece of cotton wading is in your mouth? Try it sometime. It is quite an experience juggling both activities.

Enough of my woes! I actually feel good about the first day of this month: 1st May.  I love the drawing on my Wellbeing Calendar that I have been sharing with you every month since I commenced blogging. This one is wonderful:

Be Happy Be You

The caption underneath reads:

My picture is about how life goes. It shows you how being happy affects more than one person’s happiness in the world. (Natalie Mentiplay – Age 11)

I really loved this thought especially the part “…about How Life Goes.” Natalie has captured the colours of the flowers and butterfly so well, you would think it was Spring here in Australia (okay, I know it is Spring on the other side of the world!) but seeing it is Autumn here, the colours are unusual. Still, I find it rather cheery as we head into the colder months. I also like the words she has painted on top of the picture ‘BE HAPPY BE YOU.”

Now, I lliked this caption so much that I thought I would write about it in the next days. There were two questions I asked myself: “What does this mean: BE HAPPY?” and the other one “What does BEING YOU really mean?” One could talk about happiness (and its often elusive nature) for a long time. And as for BEING YOU? Well, that is another question altogether and one I am still trying to figure out!

And as I am in danger of this blog really being about NOTHING, I will leave you with an entry I found in a Travel Diary I wrote when Geoff and I embarked on a 35 day Cruise through the South Seas to Hawaii and back to Sydney. What an experience! This entry was written three years ago today – just after we crossed the Equator:


‘AT SEA” Day… 1st May 2009

“Geoff has gone off to a lecture so I have come to Deck 14 for a bit of fun with a ceremony involving King Neptune. He is appearing to celebrate the Crossing of the Equator (it was at 2am actually). The daily ship paper “The Princess Patter says:

                    “This is a ceremony performed on board ships when members of the passengers or crew are crossing the equator for the first time during a voyage.”

It goes on to describe how a member of the crew dresses as King Neptune but there is also Queen Nephritite, as well as an  evil-looking barber. a surgeon (a villain) some fierce-looking guards and some water nymphs. And so this cast of characters appeared on deck holding a Court to re-enact this old ceremony which owes its origins to ancient pagan rites.

It was quite hysterical with passengers being found guilty of various “crimes” and subjected to red and green jelly baths, with lovely strands of noodles added for interest! Oh dear. Each sentencing was done with loud cries of “Kiss the Fish!” coming from the passengers. Positioned nearby was a big. real but frozen fish,with big lubra lips just waiting to be kissed. “What a mess!

Luckily it was all performed at the swimming pool area. Lastly any new crew members who had never crossed the Equator before were “inductedwith the same jelly/noodles and batter into “The Club” so to speak. I felt ill watching on. Accounts of these Crossing the Equator ceremonies go back to 1702. What a hoot!” 


And so on this note, I will finish my blog today. If you have never crossed the Equator by ship, you do not know what you have missed! I thought this was timely for today as it was written on 1st May.

You get the idea?

Until tomorrow.