Day 121 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Sounds? Do you think we take them for granted? I was thinking on this topic this morning as I continue today with Your Favourite Sounds, and it brought to mind a lovely girl I used to work with who was deaf.

She had no dealings with the public as she could not speak but she was able to lip-read a little. She helped out in the office and was my “right-hand gal” at that time. It wasn’t easy communicating with her but we managed somehow – usually with a lot of laughter.

Later she had a cochlear implant and was able to hear a little for the first time. Incredibly, she hated it!! I think she had just got used to the Sound of Silence and was comfortable with that. She left not long after to live in Perth so I never found out what happened.

I am sure she got used to it but isn’t that an interesting story? You know the old saying: be careful what you pray for, you may just get what you want? And then, all hell breaks loose!

Now, I have found the subject of SOUNDS to be more interesting than I thought it might be. I talked yesterday about music in particular forming a backdrop to movies and TV shows. You only have to mention the movie Jaws and people start mimicking the music indicating that  the shark is coming to get someone! 

Now onwards and upwards. It is all about YOU today. So here we go.



Marie:  I think they are choirs, either adult or children. And the harmony in music. And magpies in the morning in the country. And, of course, everyone’s favourite, rain on the roof at night.

  • Veronica: I love the sound of children’s laughter – it is infectious and makes me smile. And also the sound of the ocean – calming and centering.

Emma: I love the sound of rain too! So comforting. Often when its raining I have butcher birds singing on my deck railing too. Beautiful.  The roar of the surf, which reminds me of God’s faithfulness (my story is here Also I love the sound of the kettle boiling especially if my husband, mum or a friend has turned it on because its time to relax with a hot drink and great company.

  • Jeanne: I love the sound when an oldie from the 60’s comes on the radio, bringing back memories. And, when I hear the sound of a newborn crying, I always have to turn around & spot the baby – just a mother thing, I guess!Ah, yes, the sound of waves.  Since I don’t live near any water, the closest waves are at Lake Erie, where, as a child, I would sleep in our car, or in a cabin at Camp Patmos, or on my sister’s in-law’s boat – yes, I do love that sound!  Makes me want to drive 1 1/2 hours, just to hear it!!!

Thank you to all of you who participated by giving me your favourites for my Sounds blog today. It was much appreciated! And it always fascinates me to get everyone’s individual thoughts. I JUST LOVE IT!

Gentle surf rolls in …


Now, I am sure a lot of people like the sounds of water, either the surf or the calm lapping of still water and for this reason, there is so much music available so that you can have these ocean sounds pervading the air at all hours of the day and night. And Jeanne, you do not have to drive 1-1/2 hours away to get it!

There is one called “Midnight Surf” and the blurb says: “The Soothing Sounds of Quiet Ocean Surf — No Music, No Voices or Birds – Just Luxurious Ocean Waves! A Masterpiece of Gentle Ocean Waves Sound (CD, Mp3).”  I wonder if the sound would get annoying after a while? If you want to listen:

Then I found a Fisher-Price app through iTunes with animal sounds for babies. I was unable to listen to any, but I thought this would have to be delightful. What next? Here is the description:   “Babies are encouraged to learn animals and the sounds animals make through interaction with engaging animations and sound effects! Baby can tap, tilt or shake to set a learning world in motion! Designed for babies 6 mos. & up.”

There has to be an App for everything these days! The link for any mothers or grandmothers out there:                                                                 

The Sounds of Silence over Uluru

Last but not least, I came across a Restaurant called “Sounds of Silence Restaurant.” This is an eating place after my own heart. It is situated out in the middle of Australia adjacent to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and you can dine and watch the sunset over “The Rock: Uluru” while an aboriginal plays the didgeridoo. How great would that be?


Now, in light of the fact that I am still struggling to overcome this flu virus, I will leave you at this point. I am counting down now to Fiji so I have to rest up and get well. I was almost tempted to give my blog a miss today! (How can I even write this?) but I have pulled myself together and turned up on the job!

Wish me well folks …