Day 117 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Back to the nitty-gritty of Favourite Things after our celebration of Anzac Day yesterday. Thank you for all the feedback about my personal story of Anzay Day. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Geoff and I had a lovely day celebrating the ANZAC tradition and watched the Dawn Service live from Gallipoli and also the one live from Villers-Bretonneux in France where our troops served on the Western Front. And  we were moved yet again! We had 46,000 men who lost their lives in France and Belgium and  hundreds of them are buried in various parts of France.

I do not want to drone on about being crook today but I do need to say it. “I think I’ve got the flu!” I know. I know. I need to rest and I will but just a little blogging before I go. So, let’s do it …


Now, before Anzac Day, we were about to look at SMELLS as the last of Our Favourite Things.

Isn’t it funny how smells link us to memories of times in our lives when wonderful things happened? And even seasons often have a smell about them which we can grow to love. Our wonderful Aussie scientist Dr. Karl says:

A smell from your distant past can unleash a flood of memories that are so intense and striking that they seem real – and we’re getting close to understanding why.”

I am glad Dr. Karl is working on ‘the why’ and despite reading the whole article, I still don’t quite understand why! It was to do with chemicals in the nose and all that sort of thing but I have to say, it got a bit scientific for me (maybe my flu is causing foggy brain?)but I do know that what he says is true.

(You may wish to read more for yourself. Let me know if you understand it.)


And so, we can smell something familiar and are taken back in time, like I was yesterday. Geoff was heating up the left-overs of a vegetable dish I had made the day before. A smell wafted out of the microwave that trasnported me back – for just a moment – to my grandmother’s home.

It was so tangible I could almost touch it. It left me with such a warm feeling, of security and good times I’d had as a child. It was the smell of my grandmother’s house who was always cooking.


Another thing I discovered was about CATS. I was not looking for things related to cats and smells at the time, I just happened upon it, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Did you know that cats sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than a human’s? This is amazing I feel …  14 times!! Here’s the link:

Cats also smell danger as they have an organ known as the vineribasal organ. That’s how they can smell a mate or a predator. This reminds me of some years ago when my daughter Maria had a beautiful Himalayan Persian cat and when she went away she would bring the cat over for us to mind.


The first time this happened, Isabella Blossom (the cat) went straight down the end of our drive-way and began cavorting and making noises to attract the ginger Tom Cat that lived close by. Next minute, she was pregnant! And then came the litter. But this was not enough. No. She wasn’t quite finished yet.

A year later, Isabella came for a stay, and what happened? Yes, you’ve guessed it! There she was down the end of the driveway cavorting and trying to attract the same Tom Cat yet again. Another successful mating!

I am now the proud owner of Shasandra (Sandy for short) who is the result of this last round of disgusting behaviour. She must have  used that 14+ smell telling her there was a male cat nearby. There were no surprises when Maria had Isobella ‘fixed up’ straight after she had the last lot of kittens!

Anyway, enough of this. I said I would give you YOUR SAY on SMELLS. So here they are:




JEANNE: …And smells – well if it’s cooking – I love the smell of onions & garlic cooking in a saucepan. But if it’s flowers – then lilac (especially white) and David Austin rose “Winchester Cathedral”. I once bought a candle whose scent was “Fresh mown grass” – it was heavenly!

Belinda: the smell of coffee gives me a great feel too.

Anne:  …aftershave because when I get a scent on the breeze as you walk by its like smelling the most beautiful rose and certain aftershaves remind of my dad, brothers and loves past.

Veronica:Bread baking 🙂 I guess they all make me feel warm and comforted

Emma: …And smell. I love the smell of rose water, vanilla, and coffee. Mmmmm

Geoff:  I love the port wine magnolia bush because the smell is subtle but when you get it, it hits you and you never forget it.

Sharon: This may surprise you, but I love the smell of the perfume Poison! It just makes me feel good wearing it.


So now, we have completed our saga on Favourite Things. I hope you have enjoyed the whole thing as much as I’ve enjoyed getting your replies and then writing about them. Once again, good idea Emma – thanks!

Now, I must go and take a little rest. It is only 9 days to fly to Fiji for Maria’s 40th Birthday, so I have to get well!  Say a few prayers for me folks …

Until tomorrow with better days.