Day 114 of 365: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I’ve come today to write, with great excitement over our COLOUR journey yesterday and I could write about it ad finitum but low, I must be on to other things … SEASONS.

However, hit the pause button for one moment … on colour. I am compelled to share what Jeanne (from the USA) wrote to me yesterday. Thanks to Jeanne whose training in homewares years ago left her with a lot of knowledge about decorating with colour and people’s personality. I have cut and pasted most of what she sent:

Orange – means you like to eat, great for a kitchen. Yellow means you are happy-go-lucky – good for most rooms, even as an accent. Green means you are a good mommy – great for family room. Blue means you are a deep thinker – great for bedroom, or bathroom. Red means you are ornery – good to have as an accent here & there.

Purple means you sometimes act a little crazy, also that you like to be treated royally – again, great as accent. Brown means you are into nature – great for living/family rooms. Black means you are a drama queen – not to be used on all 4 walls! Pink means you are a softie – great for a bedroom, bathroom. And white means you are a purist – perfect for accent color!”


Now, with a tug I will force myself onwards to the topic of SEASONS.




I did some research and learned a few things eg the Earth’s seasons “are not caused by the differences in the distance from the Sun throughout the year (these differences are extremely small). The seasons are the result of the tilt of the Earth’s axis.” Now this is something I didn’t quite realise.

“This tilting is what gives us the four seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter. Since the axis is tilted, different parts of the globe are oriented towards the Sun at different times of the year.”

And so here in Australia (which we rightly say is “Down Under”) is on the opposite pole to the US and Europe and when we are in our deepest winter, they are experiencing their high summer. Travelling from one part of the world to the other is when one realises the true meaning of this.

What a shock Geoff and I received when we arrived in London in the second month of their Spring (April) as we had just left the second month of our Autumn. Snow began to fall the day we arrived and we were shocked as much from the bitter cold as from the realisation that Spring in Europe can be equal to our Winter here in Brisbane, Australia!


But, there is another side to SEASONS! 

I found Research that has shown there is indeed a correlation between when a person is born and their personality eg being born in the summer could give you a sunny disposition for life. Kenneth Kirkby, a Professor of Psychiatry from the University of Tasmania, agrees that there is some evidence that seasons can affect mental health. You will find a lot more than this on this link:

Of course, the astrologers want to argue with this scientific approach so the argument will go on for a lot longer yet. But, I could find no research that tells us what CHOOSING a favourite season says ABOUT our personality which I would like to know!?

So the question remains: “how does the season one favours equate to personality type“.  Notice to all you research scientists out there: do this one for your Masters …  please!

Sorry I could not find out more here but I did try!  Now let’s look at what seasons – YOU the readers – preferred – and we’ll do a “when you were born = personality type” blog at a later date!


SPRING: My dear Geoff said he loved spring because that is when everything comes to life while Anne said: “Spring because this represents new beginnings and second chances.” Enough said. As you know I too love Spring.


SUMMER: Our Belinda wrote that she likes summer best because she loves the smell and feel of summer. Veronica shared her like of summer. I think she likes the warmth of it. For sure, there is something comforting about that warmth.


WINTER: No one chose winter. Surprise surprise! We do not have snow in most places in Australia but even so, no one wants to be THAT cold for months on end. We are affected by winter in Australia mostly in the southern part of the country especially Victoria, Tasmania and Canberra.


AUTUMN:  I love what Jeanne said: “autumn or fall has always & still is by a nose my favorite – maybe because my birthday falls in October, but I love the colors, smell of burning wood, football games, cool am/pm for cocoa, warm fall with blue skies, fall flowers blooming BUT spring is right close for new growth, spring flowers, days lasting longer. Spring means I’ll be outside more, but fall means it’s time to nest, which I love to do! “

Emma too said:  “For season I love autumn, I love the change in the air. It fills me with anticipation. I am yet to see a ‘real’ autumn or fall complete with falling burnt orange leaves, living in Brisbane. One day….”

Sharon also liked autumn! She loves the fact that when the sun is shining in autumn it has an entirely different feel to sunshine during the other months. I understand what you are saying Sharon and I often think there is something special about an autumn day even if our leaves do not change colour here. Again the southern states of Australia experience autumn leaves and not us up here in the semi-tropics.



And so we have come to the end of our blog on SEASONS.  it just goes to show that all of us have different reasons why we like a particular season. It depends on things like whether you love swimming, or gardening, or photography or even for skiing if someones love winter.

And so I must close. Tomorrow is our “Lest We Forget” day which we call “Anzac Day” here  in Australia so I will skip SMELLS and write about Anzac Day tomorrow. SMELLS on Thursday. Okay?

I like this depiction of the four seasons ...

Until then …