Here is a "mad blogger" surrounded by chaos as I usually am.

Day 111 of 366: 2012 Blog Challange

Hello all

Blogging? What a topic! And where does one begin with it? I might start by telling you how I’m doing at present with my 366 Day Blog Challenge for 2012.

Well, all is going well. I am aware at this point in time, I have been able to blog every day since the 1st January 2012 – that is actually 111 days! Even I am amazed at this but  I have to say it has been difficult at times as life can be a little chaotic. You may feel tired, ill or if you are away on holidays, you think blogging is the last thing you want to do! But, despite all this, I have loved every difficult, hard and wonderful moment of it.  Thank you to all who have encouraged me with it.

I have plenty of company however, as it seems that everywhere I turn these days, people seem to be blogging! Even the mother in the Australian family drama “Packed to the Rafters” (Julie) is blogging! Heavens above, now the local paper has contacted Julie to write a column?! Okay Julie, let me in on your secret please? (Am I really as obsessed as SHE is? I hope not …)

I usually listen to the radio as I do my housework and on Thursdays I am entertained by a panel called: “The Hidden Persuaders“.  This panel consists of  three experts who discuss marketing, PR, advertising trends and brands. As this is one of the areas I have studied, I am always interested in their discussions.

(Oh, by the way, the name  of the panel is taken from the book “The Hidden Persuaders” written in 1957 by Vance Packard which has as its by-line: “What makes us buy, believe – or even vote – the way we do.”  It was a No. 1 Best Seller back in the fifties when a lot was being discovered about ways of persuading people to buy. A fascinating subject).

Yesterday, one of the discussions was all about … BLOGGERS! I put my Journalist hat on, grabbed a pen to write in my blog book and I was away. Now, they said there were four type of bloggers so I listened to see which one I would be. So here they are compliments of the “Hidden Persuaders” panel:

  1. Those people who are passionate about blogging; they simply love sharing their thoughts with others and they love doing it. They do not get paid and don’t care if they never get paid!
  2. Those people who make a living out of it. Some have given up other jobs and found a way to blog for a living. I would suggest the likes of Mia Freedman who is the publisher of She has been a writer and an editor but has given up working for others to be a publisher as well as a blogger.
  3. Those people who make a part-time income out of blogging but are looking towards making it a full-time career with a full-time wage … eventually.
  4. Traditional media people (eg print and radio journalists etc) who are required to blog as part of their job; as well they write/broadcast etc.

Immediately I thought I was definitely a No. 1 type of blogger. Yes, I do love blogging but somewhere along the line I have veered off into wanting to earn some income eventually – perhaps as a result of having my blog. I have no idea how this is ever going to happen.  But just for now I want to enjoy “My Year of Blogging Dangerously” and accomplish the challenge I set for myself for 2012. In “retirement” I needed to do something!

The “Hidden Persuaders” also thought that blogging generally requires COMMITMENT. I would have to agree with this one. I remember thinking yesterday: “I wish my blog would just go away today!” An electrician had arrived to install a power point around 11 am and was chatting to Geoff as I was researching my blog. Somehow or other, I became involved and before we knew it, it was 2pm and we were still having interesting discussions together.

Now, Paul was THE most interesting electrician one could ever hope to meet. He was studying part-time at university, writing a book about his child being born at 24 weeks and 6 days (the ‘6 days’ were highly important he insisted) and he was fast becoming a semi-professional competition entrant (and winning I might add). Oh yes … don’t forget he is working as an electrician also!

Almost famished from lack of food (I hesitated to offer him anything because I thought he might NEVER leave!) by the time we had lunch, more things began to happen including a phone call from a friend in trouble etc etc etc. You know the drum. It was a day totally out of control from the moment I got up! And then where was the time for the blog? “Oh please Lord, let”The Blog” just go away!” was my cry.

(Have I spelled out my COMMITMENT enough to convince you that I know what the word means? Did I blog yesterday? Yes I did. Was it wonderful? Who knows … it was a blog okay?)

Now another aspect of blogging is it enables us to ACHIEVE REACH (to reach people) and it makes social media more assessable also. Social Media is such a huge part of our lives these days, that anyone who is not connected to it may indeed be burying their heads in the sand.

I watch a program every month on ABC TV called The First Tuesday Book Club with authors participating as in an ordinary face to face Book Club. It is worth watching if you love books and I love the robust discussions they have on this show.

Today one of them said: “The printed word is not dying … it is just not appearing in paper form.”  This does appear to be true … but is it? I continue to get a lot of my information online and even from links on my Facebook page and I do have a Twitter account (which I use sometimes). However, I still love the printed page. I love to get a new book and smell it – just as I used to do as a child. I love magazines and newspapers also.

So now as I close my blog for another day, let me leave you with this interesting tit-bit which an audience member told Susan Cain (author of “QUIET: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can’t Stop Talking“) when she took questions from the audience (see more on this book on my blog: Day 109 18/4/12):

“Facebook is where people lie to their friends and Twitter is where people tell the truth to strangers.”

Quite thought-provoking I feel. The idea was that people on Facebook “talk up” what they are doing while people on Twitter write whatever is on their minds (and sometimes things you do not wish to know) to all and sundry to read. With that quote to occupy your thoughts, I will leave you for another day …