Hello all

I told myself I must be doing something wrong. I was having trouble recognising a lot of the actresses on the Red Carpet last night. Perhaps I don’t watch enough “junk TV”?

Of course, I am talking about “The Logies” that wonderful phenomenon that only a country like Australia could host to celebrate all things television. It is the TV industry’s night of nights and for my overseas readers, it is quite uniquely Australian.

I loved the way the mamamia website described the Logies and therefore I just had to share it with you. They mirror my thoughts precisely and I might add, made me feel better about not knowing the people on the red carpet:

“How we love our Logies. Even those who don’t love them love to say how much they love not caring about them.

Melissa Doyle Co-host of Sunrise looked lovely (and I knew who she was!)

 But the Logies are there, more glamorous, more controversial, more addictive every year. Personally, I had no clue who half the people on the red carpet were last night. A bit like I have no idea about the horses going round Flemington in November.

But that’s not the point. The Logies is ours in all their glamorous glory. With just enough dagginess to make us feel homey. There’s always something to natter about the day after.”

I like the bit about the “dagginess” (eccentric or unconventional) because I think this is what makes our Logies stand out from other international awards. For me there IS something addictive about them. And the fashions were “up there” with the overseas awards and I thought they showed how Australia is doing well in the fashion stakes also.

Have a look at some gorgeous fasions on the mamamia website but you will also read the 10 things they are talking about from the night:  https://www.mamamia.com.au/news/logies-fashion-awards-music-and-all-the-highlights-from-melbourne/

There is just one more thing I want to share about the night and that was the fact that there was no “official host”. This is what mamamia said and I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments:

The Mystery Of The Missing Host. What? No host! ON AN AWARDS SHOW! Bloody brilliant idea. Diversify. Share the love. The bad jokes. Giving hosting responsibilities to a range of presenters was a stroke of genius. Something for everybody. BIG WIN.”

Okay enough about those awards! But, I did try to tape yet ANOTHER program on The Titanic and also the Logies at the same time and I was relatively successful. So, in light of my Titanic fetish I just want to share one more thing about the 100th anniversary now that the day has passed in Australia and especially in light of the time difference overseas.

It is the fact that there were so many celebrations all over the world to mark this occasion but the one that struck me as emotional was the 1,309 passengers on a Titanic memorial cruise which set off from Southampton UK. The cruise ship stopped at the spot where Titanic sank and conducted a memorial service at the same time that the ship sank.

There were a lot of relatives of those who survived or died on board and they had photos and other memorabilia with them. I watched this on TV and thought how amazing it would have been attending that memorial service. One woman was so moved she was wiping tears away as the Minister spoke.

What is not so good is the fact that the Titanic has become a lucrative “brand”. In fact I read in the magazine The Week a piece quoted from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which really hit home to me. It said:

“Elsewhere, governments and entrepreneurs are seeking to make a profit’ from our enduring fascination with the world’s most famous wreck…..Souvenir T-shirts and other ‘tacky’ memorabilia are churned out for sale; artefacts from the wreck itself have been plundered for auction.”

What came to my mind when I read this article today, was the word: SCHANDENFREUDE. I read this word in an article in the Sunday paper and I immediately marked it to find out it’s meaning. Well, here it is:

SCHANDENFREUDE: (prounced fa:den,froide) n. the malicious enjoyment of another’s misfortunes.” (The Australian Oxford Dictionary)

Now, isn’t that the very word we could use to describe what is going on with regard to the Titanic anniversary? It is as if there is schandenfreude surrounding this tragedy and we have almost romanticised the event. Perhaps it explains why our Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper had not one single article or mention about the 100th Anniversary of the sinking? I thought at the time how bizarre this was, but in retrospect, perhaps they decided not to turn it into schandenfreude?

I will leave you to judge that for yourselves, but in the meantime, I have managed to use my new word SCHANDENFREUDE quite a few times in this post! I must remember to keep it in mind for any other occasion that may call for it.

However, in closing I did wonder if it was schandenfreude I experienced whilst viewing some of those Red Carpet dresses that were … well, awful?

I think I felt schandenfreude with this dress? Poor thing... (Kat Stewart)