Hello all

I am reminded today that the “The Waltz goes on” by this beautiful piece of music composed by the actor Anthony Hopkins.

I happened upon this piece on YouTube on AndreRieuTV. What a talented man Anthony is!  He certainly can act and he is famous for eating human livers – or whatever he did – as I’ve never had the heart to see the movie  Hannibal (The Cannibal) Lecter, but he loves to write music also.

I have included a link here for you to hear this beautiful piece. It is only a two-minute snapshot but there is a longer version on the site also. Listen to it here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSrPDH7Mq58&feature=related   On the website it says:

“Anthony wrote “The Waltz goes on” with Andre Rieu specifically in mind to perform it. André Rieu was so enthusiastic about the work that he immediately set plans in motion to record it, reportedly moving Hopkins’ wife to tears during the initial performance of the tune.”

How I happened upon this was by accident as I saw a link on my Facebook page to one of Andre’s sopranos, the Australian singing sensation Mirusia who comes from my home town of Brisbane! It was a recording of the delightful Mary Poppins tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Mirusia as Mary Poppins

In the clip, Mirusia floats through the air as Mary Poppins (if you’ve seen the stage play, you will relive the wonder of it when you watch) singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! It always captures my attention every time. Watch Mirusia flying with her famous umbrella here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWH3Hmsr5fM

I was actually wanting to show it to Alice (10) and Violet (5) when they come later today as it is school holidays. Geoff has been teaching them all sorts of good clean, albeit total nonsense, songs (as only a man with such a colourful personality can do) . Last night, he googled “Pedro was a Fisherman” as he was teaching it to Violet over Easter.

She will be delighted to hear it. And guess who is singing it? Julie Andrews of course! In fact, we then went on to see Julie as a 12-year-old singing an aria. Even at twelves she had an incredible voice. It is such a shame she has lost her voice now due to botched throat surgery. Mind you, she appears to take it in her stride and says that “her life goes on.”

It’s a bit like the “Waltz goes on” I feel. If you listen to the music, it will bubble up within your spirit and you will feel yourself soaring (a bit like Marry Poppins!) and you will feel your step lighten and energy come into your being. Well, after my tiredness yesterday, this music is lifting me up today. Try it for yourself, good  music is healing to the spirit.

In fact, yesterday I listened to part of an interview on ABC radio with a former Australian Prime Minister: Paul Keating. Now, I never thought of this man as a comedian at all but he was absolutely hilarious and I laughed a good many times whilst listening. He had an audience and I think that this helped.

But, the thing that spoke to me most, was that he loved good music (only his taste was far more classical than mine). He spoke about music with such passion that I was very surprised. I never thought of this serious, economy-driven man, a former blue-collar worker who studied to better himself and became our Prime Minister in the nineties, as a music buff.

Paul spoke of a time when he was Prime Minister, of listening to music some evenings when he was trying to solve problems. He would find himself so uplifted by it that he would be up until all hours of the night having creative thoughts about the problem at hand.

Perhaps we can take this as our example today? Let’s use music to heal and soothe and give us creative thoughts in the midst of our busy lives. Take time to go to Musical Theatre. Listen to music. Go to concerts. I can feel myself wanting to run off right now and listen to the fabulous voice of our own Anthony Warlow who is playing here in Brisbane as Daddy Warbucks in the musical ‘Annie’.

Anthony Warlow as Dr. Zhivago

When I saw and heard Anthony play Dr. Zhivago last year in Brisbane, there were times when I was often reduced to tears. I do not think that a Musical has ever touched me so much emotionally as Dr. Zhivago touched me. It did help that our daughter-n-law and son bought us tickets (and her parents too) that were only five rows from the front!  Seeing the expression on the faces of the performers simply adds to the magic.

So you can see what I am talking about with regard to music resonating within you and uplifting you. I will leave you on that note folks to ponder all this and to find your favourite piece of music to stir your soul when you are feeling low.

Until tomorrow.