Hello all

Well, we are all home safe and sound from our adventures in the land where the Jacaranda trees grow. What a lovely part of Australia this is!

As I come down to earth after so much activity and fun with our daughter and grandchildren, I have been mulling over our time away. Violet was in our car some of the time on our way back and regaled us with so many hilarious stories that we have decided she will be a comedian when she grows up. 

Now I  am back in civilisation I am becoming involved in interesting things on radio and TV again. I’ve  read a belated Sunday Mail newspaper and I realise how much I have missed all this. I thought to myself: “I have watched no TV, listened to no radio and read no newspapers. How amazing is that for me who loves gathering information?”

In fact, it was such a nice break from having to think too much or have in-depth discussions or anything else of that kind. Maria did read some glossy magazines featuring clothes and home decorating and at one stage said “Mum, listen to this description of an outfit with a jacket: Preppy but never Twee.” I have not used  that word ‘twee’ in a long time. How nice to see it in print; I must use it again! (See end of blog for meaning)

Fun and laughter is such a balm for one’s spirit isn’t it? We ate far too much chocolate and drank far too much tea and coffee but I do think a bit more wine could have been managed!  Now it is time to get back on my healthy diet and be good until we go away for a week to Fiji for Maria’s 40th Birthday in May.

The magazine 'The Week'

Whilst we were in Grafton, I did read one magazine called “The Week.” It is a very interesting magazine style paper which gives you a wrap-up of the events of the week taken from all the newspapers around Australia and the world.  It is a great read if you want all the snippets of politics, news items and other interesting information that is great to read. Geoff discovered the magazine about a year ago. The blurb on their website says:

“The Week is a new and unique magazine that distils the most important news stories from the world’s media into an essential weekend read. The Week is the perfect way for information hungry Australians to stay on top of the most important news from Australia and all over the world.”

The Week always seems to have such good offers going too. You might want to look on their website.    http://subscribe.theweekmagazine.com.au/

Now, where was I? I have got sidetracked but I really thought information about The Week was worth passing on as a lot of people have not heard of it. But whilst we were being gluttons with chocolate and Easter eggs, I read an article in it about eggs which almost put me off eating any kind of eggs let alone chocolate ones!

Chinese eggs cooked in urine ...yuk!

Apparently when it is spring in Dongyang China, urine-soaked eggs become available through street vendors. They collect the urine from boys (preferably under 10)  in schools and then boil the eggs in the urine and sell them. When the eggs are hard they shell them and keep them bubbling away all day in the urine and you can smell them as you pass by.

I was nearly ill reading this, but such a news items is just begging to be passed on so that other people can share my squeamishness with me!  And do you know what they are good for? Circulation and preventing heat stroke for starters.  And the cost for this “unusual delicacya mere 23 cents. I found more information online if you are ghoulish and want to know more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/02/urine-soaked-eggs-tasty-healthy-treat/

And do you remember me reporting on women wearing lingerie whilst playing gridiron football in America? I had news that the sport was coming here to Australia. Well, being home today made me privy to an interview on radio with Chloe Butler, the first Australian woman to play in the in “The Lingerie League” in America. 

She was insistent that she was not demeaning women but actually showing how skilled she was and she thought women should feel proud of her as an athlete. She said:  “I just have to have a strong character and be proud of my healthy figure.” 

Oh dear, I am not convinced! She insisted that you had to come and see the game for yourself before passing judgment. I don’t think that will be happening to me anytime soon but I have to say that is exactly what Andre Rieu tells people who say they hate his type of entertainment! Perhaps I may have to eat my words?   Read more on this website:  http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/entertainment/confidential/chloe-butler-set-to-strip-off-for-the-lingerie-football-league/story-e6fredq3-1225872631578

Well, aren’t you all pleased I am back from my good-time lifestyle down in Grafton so that I can keep you abreast of all the latest in news – bizarre, useless and otherwise? It is so nice to be able to spend some time in reading and doing some research for my blog. I just love gathering information and to think I was doing this long before it became a blog but I had nowhere to go with it!

Oh and by the way, I also read in the Sunday papers that some school in America had banned the use of the words “Easter eggs” and they are now to be called “Spring spheres” so as not to offend anyone. What next? I love what our own Professor Rolly Sussex (the English expert) said about this:

“The fundamental idea is a good one – you should not speak in a way that could cause anybody else discomfort – we need to be more open and less twitchy.”

I’ll leave you with that thought. So … don’t be too twitchy. Instead be a bit preppy but never twee

PS: the meanings:

  • Twitchy: knee-jerk reaction
  • Preppy; (US) looks like someone from Prep school eg blazer etc.
  • Twee: quaint or affected