Bamma looks good...

Hello all

At 6am today no mist hung over the paddocks where Chestnut and Biscuit were standing. No sun peeped over the horizon either.

We were attempting a recreation of our sunrise from yesterday but you know what, you cannot capture that kind of magic at will. Some things are better left to chance.

Still, Maria and I took a few photos and I came back and took some photos of the horses “Chestnut” and “Biscuit” (from my blog yesterday) who were now grazing in the paddock. As I walked away, my mind was ticking over and a tale was going through my head. I began to realise that you, the readers, know nothing about the horses “Chestnut” and “Biscuit” and I think it is important you know their delightful story.

I have told it as a Fairy Tale, writing it as we drove home from Grafton where a false start of a flat battery held us up for two hours!  Now we are home and I am pleased to present the tale: “How Chestnut and Biscuit became Famous:”

Once upon a time, there was a grandmother name “Bamma” (her real name was Tess) who spent far too much time creating stories in her head. She had been doing this since she was a little girl and couldn’t just stop doing it now.

'Pampy' looking like a bush-wacker

The grandfather, who was called “Pampy”, was full of adventure and colourful activities and often needed to be told to go to bed early when he got cranky at night.

They had two granddaughters: Aya aged 10 who was sweet and very creative, and Vivi aged 5, who was mischievous and full of fun. They loved doing things with Bamma and Pampy and wanted to go places with them when they could.

Their father, whose name was Stevie, was busy helping poor people in countries overseas. He was so tall the children needed a stop-ladder to kiss him when they went to bed at night. He met a girl called Ria who was beautiful and smart and he fell in love with her instantly and married her as soon as possible as she was a good cook too and she kept a lovely home.

One Easter when Stevie was away, Ria, Aya and Vivi went on a journey with Bamma and Pampy. On the way they had a competition for a name for their caravan. Aya wanted to call it “Chestnut” but all Vivi could think of was Daisy, but then again Vivi called all her dolls Daisy and couldn’t see why a caravan should not be called Daisy too!

Chestnut grazing in the paddock

Bamma didn’t like any of these names. She thought the name Chestnut was a better name for a horse! But “Daisy?” Well, no caravan wanted that name!

When all the family arrived at the Caravan Park in “Jacaranda Land” where they were staying, they saw two horses in a paddock next door. Bamma decided there and then that the beautiful chestnut-coloured horse should be called “Chestnut”. Vivi wanted to name the other horse but Aya insisted she find another name besides Daisy (no self-respecting horse wanted THAT name either) and so with help from her big sister, Vivi called the horse “Biscuit.”

Biscuit grazing in the paddock

For the next five days all the family made sure Chestnut and Biscuit were still in the paddock and on cold mornings that they had their blankets on and were happy. They became very fond of these two horses.

And so, the Legend of the horses named “Chestnut”and “Biscuit” came to pass. They became so famous that they appeared in a blog called “Life with Tess” and now that they have had their own photographs taken, they may gain even more fame.

That, my friends is the story of the horses in the mist – “Chestnut and Biscuit”, who were present when the sun rose on a brand new Day of Promise – on the 100th day of the blog of “Life with Tess.”

PS. The caravan still remains unnamed.

Vivi looking lovely

The sunrise doesn't look too bad after all!