Hello all

The beautiful sunrise: promise of a new day

At 6am the mist hung low over the paddock where the horses, Chestnut and Biscuit were standing. I looked up as I left the amenity block to see the big orange ball that was the sun, just peeping over the horizon.

It held the promise of a brand new day. The pressure is off. Eggs have been given out. The Centenary celebrations are over. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy this day – my 100th day – of blogging. Time to celebrate this achievement, forget high schools and Easter eggs and concentrate on other things.

When I told Alice (10) and Violet (5) how I was going to write my blog after watching the sunrise this morning, Violet spontaneously broke into a hymn from church yesterday:

“Praise the Lord Praise the Lord, let the angels rejoice!”

It was so unexpected that all of us broke into gales of laughter and declared this a fitting way to rejoice over my 100th day of blogging. Violet has heard me singing it as I get around the camp and I had no idea how much notice she was taking until this outburst. We’ve been doing a lot of laughing these last days here at Sunrise Caravan Park.

“Laughter and Tears”

 Laughter at these delightful little urchins I call grandchildren who enthrall us with their antics and sayings. Tears when tiredness sets in after a full day of activities including swimming  in the park pool. And then silence reigns until the next morning when it all starts again.

Talking about swimming, Grandma joined them today in the pool for the first time and the sky did not fall in, although at one point, I thought it came close when the clouds came over. Bampy is the official pool supervisor and swimmer extraordinaire but Grandma’s star is rising fast after this afternoon.

Maria and I overlooking the Nymboida River

Earlier today we took a drive through the countryside to the Nymboida River and had lunch of sorts at a Tavern which was formerly a Coaching Station (a stop for Cobb & Co Stage Coaches in the ‘good old days’)  and now full of memorabilia around the walls to remind us of the early days. Russel Crowe has property nearby and frequents the Tavern when he is here – as evidence around the wall suggests.

At one stage, we stopped at a country cemetery to check out the head stones and Alice and I were at our best trying to figure out who “Moya” was at the end of one man’s grave plot eg “Lovingly remembered by his family … and Moya.” Who in the name of goodness was Moya? She was buried next to the man but she had a different surname. Next to her was a child buried and there again was mention of family members …. and Aunty Moya.

The guitar headstone

Finally we gave up whilst Maria and Geoff’s eyes were rolling in their heads as they said “who cares?” but Alice and I cared and were quite determined. However, despite our best efforts, we did not solve the mystery. Mind you, we have our own nice story and we are sticking to it!  Another grave had a guitar stone as a headstone with billiard balls glued to the top of the grave.

And so we are coming to the end of the day. Time to leave tomorrow. Time to say goodbye to this lovely little town – Grafton – where Geoff was born and grew up and which for me and our kids has become a second home as we have visited so often over the years. Come and visit when the purple Jacaranda’s bloom in October.

What a great place to celebrate my 100 days of blogging. How did I get this far? I have no idea but I am still here! Kelly Higgins-Devine the radio announcer, who inspired me by pledging to do 366 days of photographs has missed three days in total. I was initially most upset, wanting to will her on but after the second day passed with no photo I had to accept it and go on. Since then, she has missed another day … poor dear … yes it IS relentless (but I love it).

This could be me folks! Therefore, I am grateful I have made it this far – all days intact. I do believe when I considered photos v. writing that the photo option was far harder and I think I was right. One can blab away for a short time even when ill but trying to be creative with photographs? No thank you! Not when ill.

In closing, I will catch you all tomorrow but I am not sure where and when. Hopefully, no ‘bush wee’ discussions will take place as we travel back home to Brisbane and all will go well and we will enjoy ourselves immensely.

Until then…

Yes, the day full of promise, was fulfilled.