Happy Easter to you all!

I hope you are all having a lovely day this beautiful sunny Easter Sunday. Thank you all for travelling this road to Easter with me this last week. It has kept me on track to celebrate this wonderful Easter season in a larger sense than just in the giving out of chocolates and Easter eggs!

The hunt for eggs continues...

I still have a long way to go to being made new but I suppose I’ll be ‘at it’ until the day I die. Like that wonderful Grafton High motto says “Keep Striving to the End” I am now inspired to keep going despite obstacles. But, at the moment all is going well here in Choc-Land where chocolate is eaten for breakfast after an Easter hunt and where the thought of chocolate, as the day goes on, is fast becoming abhorrent!

The day is coming to a close as I write and my mind goes back to all we have done while we have been

Anglican Cathedral

here. To the Good Friday service at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral which was so solemn and meaningful. To the Centenary celebrations yesterday full of emotion going back in time to memories of 1912 when life was much slower and far different from today.

After a special Centenary Dinner last night, the celebrations came to end this morning with an

The Centenary Dinner went off in great style...

impressive Easter Morning service for the past pupils of the High School at the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral before lunch. By this time, I think Geoff and I felt happy that it was all over and yet sad at the same time. Strange that you can feel like that isn’t it?

So here I am at present with all inspiration coming to an end. I think that is a good thing as I have been given a nice glass of Rose and I need to go outside the van into the cool of the afternoon and ‘kick back’ on this Easter Sunday. Alice is hovering around at present, begging me “Grandma, I’ve lost my Easter moulds, have you seen them?” 

This is the common cry around here these last few days and requests to pray to find things. Strangely enough, I then utter an urgent cry up into the heavens such as “We need help Lord to find xyz…now!” and the said items appear like magic! So now Alice thinks I have this direct line above and therefore I should be available at her beck and call to say “shooting prayers” at a moment’s notice.

All of us eating chocolate at 8am - totally unrepentent!

I said to her “Now look Alice, would you like me to stay home and be available 24 hours a day to pray for things that are lost. I could spent the whole day on my knees and you could just text me with requests.”  The look of horror on her face was delightful. As I said this, she found the next lost item at that moment! We all fell about laughing.

So, how can I possibly live up to this reputation? I think I will resign right now and go and have my glass of wine and tarnish my reputation … just a little! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this Easter Day and spare a thought that today us Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead for us and because of this, our lives are so much better.

And if He didn’t, then we’ll all sunk!