Hello all

It was 5.30am and I was half asleep but I heard my little radio in the distance … and the announcer was saying “JIGGERY-POKERY.” What a great way to start the day!

Irish comic Dara O'Brien

The last time I heard that phrase was a couple of years ago from a very well-known Irish comedian Dara O’Brien on British TV.

And to think he popped up two nights ago on the English TV program “The Jonathon Ross Show”  (so funny; watch for it on ABC TV). Mad as ever and speaking at a million miles an hour, how can you ever understand him? I love the way he said “Jiggery-Pokery” with his Irish accent.

Jiggery-Pokery has a few meanings:  1. trickery, hocus-pocus; fraud; humbug 2. sly, underhanded action 3. manipulation. egAfter a little jiggery-pokery, the engine started.”

Did you know this:People who can define Jiggery-pokery may know 36,750 words, as many as a 9th grader.” I found that on a website so my advice is to start saying jiggery-pokery and get your word score higher!

 I never thought of it before, but my blog is written by jiggery-pokery! A bit of hocus-pocus, some manipulation and a lot of underhandedness by taking things  from the internet and any other place that I can find. Oh, but it IS fun!

 Now let’s look at what Geoff and I did in response to the question from yesterday: What gift lies dormant in your life?”

Yesterday I spoke about giving something up in order to unearth the germ within the seed as it needs to come forth at Easter.  How did we all fare? We had nothing as dramatic as the happenings of  yesterday but still, Geoff and I had lift-off! (and you want to see the clean-up still happening next door …wow). I will tell you more.

Geoff decided that he was tired of wandering aimlessly around the yard noting all the work needing to be done which seemed such a time waster. He wanted to pursue his passion of bike riding and it was why he bought his bike last year. So now Geoff is has decided to go for a bike ride when he finds himself fixated on the garden. Simply small changes…

My place in the sun for morning quiet times...

As for me, I wanted to put into place more time spent outdoors. Before beginning my blog I would spend a lot more time enjoying our garden and I have really missed it. I decided I would give up having my “quiet reflection time” IN BED before breakfast.  I would go for a quiet walk and meditate or I would sit outside in the garden in the autumn sun) with my devotionals and imbibe nature as I reflected. I began yesterday and I am loving it! 

However, it is hard getting up earlier as habit is really hard to break, but I know I want this more than I want “the old way.” And this is the secret you know. You have to HATE the old way enough to want to make the changes necessary for a new life. So there we are: Geoff and I making changes and feeling really good about it all! How are you all faring?

So now that we have yesterday out-of-the-way, what do we have for today? Well, April 3rd is the anniversary of the death of British novelist and reporter Graham Greene, aged 86 in 1991. My reflection book says that he was:

“…commissioned to visit Mexico in 1938 and report on the religious persecution there.  As a result he wrote The Power and the Glory which tells the story of the life of a drunken priest, who even in his depths of despair, still cared for others. It is amazing the strength we can always find when we need it most.”

Graham Greene became a Catholic in 1926 and wrote The Power and the Glory, his most well-known book which has been the subject of a movie in 1947, a British TV series in 1959 and then a highly acclaimed US version starring Laurence Olivier in 1961. I remember studying the book at High School.  So for those who are born far too recently to know any of these things, here is an author who you may never know existed!

Now, the question for today is this:


It continues: “What could you do to gently smooth out the distortions of fear, resentment or hurt? Has anything become ‘twisted’ within your own heart? Allow God to write the law of freeing love deep within you … on your heart.”

Where do we go with this one? I like one of the quotes from the Power and the Glory where Graham Greene wrote: “Hate is a lack of imagination.”

These flowers had to get up to the top of a straggly tree to blossom.

Perhaps it requires both a change of heart and some imagination for us to forgive someone? Or maybe we need to forgive ourselves? Why? Because we think we have not been perfect or we may have  failed somehow (show me someone who hasn’t?)

Remember that new self trying to come through the ground. I encourage you to take the plunge. Look at this bloom (on the left) which found its way up to the top of a tree in order to find some sun so it could bloom. Do whatever it takes.

Until tomorrow …