Hello all

It is strange how you get tested as soon as you put a challenge ‘out there’  for all to see; especially when that challenge involves yourself and you think it will be easy?

Yep, no sooner had I asked the question yesterday about “being challenged to change ourselves” was I challenged!  After I wrote I went to church and in the pew in front of me came a woman who was about sixty. As she sat down I noticed she was wearing denim shorts well above her knees, the type you would wear in the garden or around the house.

My initial thought was “Oh no, what was she thinking? At HER age.” However, I had the sense – almost immediately – to realise how judgmental I was being. But that really wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the women in those awful shorts bugged me and I could hardly concentrate on the real reason that I was in church in the first place! Oh, it was funny now that I look back on it but it wasn’t when it was happening.

So, what did I do? I put into practise what I had told all of you, I began to repeat the word: “‘yes yes yes” –  tentatively at first – but enough for it to finally sink in that I couldn’t be the clothes police and make this woman change. No. I was unable to change one single thing – EXCEPT MYSELF! 

As I kept saying “yes” I began to get some control over my ‘demons’  and accept that this lady could dress however she wanted and it was none of my business whatsoever. And so I was able to enter into the spirit of the Palm Sunday liturgy and keep my mind firmly on where it should be. The demons had been slain!

Strange how I never thought something so small could be so upsetting. Now, this morning as Geoff and I were having a cuppa, we were discussing that same question that I put ‘out there’ and Geoff decided he needed to change how he thought about the “Interesting Neighbours” who never mow; annoy us with parties and are the people responsible for the escaped python.  Geoff said he was willing to try to accept them.

So at this stage, we had two people trying to be better people! Trying to emerge as new creatures. But Geoff’s story has a funny twist of sorts. For weeks Geoff had been listening to the lady (Ann) say that ‘the boys’ would mow “one day” but it never happened and he was getting exasperated. Meanwhile, the grass was getting longer and longer (and yes, that’s probably where the snake  is hiding!) without any respite.

Geoff had gone out early when I heard a lawnmower in the direction of the Interesting House” and by the time Geoff arrived home and I told him the news, I thought his eyes would pop out of his head he was so shocked!  Now he is totally in awe of this business of not changing the situation but changing yourself.  Hark, I HAVE A CONVERT!

Look what a change of attitude can do? It ‘s as if something was released in the unseen!. YEAH … THE LAWN HAS BEEN MOWED!! Let us rejoice.

Now on to other things. My Reflection book today tells me that the 2nd April in 1902 was the date the very first movie theatre (called the ‘Electric Theatre’) opened in Los Angeles USA. The book says that: “through the projection of light onto a theatre screen we can be inspired to live lives of heroic greatness. Have fun with a movie this week!”

I am not sure how this was “heroic” but it certainly must have been an amazing moment captured in time and one to celebrate. Look at how far the movies has come today. We no longer project movies onto a screen. No. It’s all done by computers now. If only those early inventors were alive to see it today.

Here is Judi Dench in India: it looks so colourful...

But, I do like the directive to have fun with a movie this week so Geoff and I fully intend to go and see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Bill Nighy to name a few. I’ve heard good reports so I watched the trailer and it looks like one could get a great laugh from this movie and that is always a good idea at any time.  Wet your appetite and have a look at the trailer:     http://www.thebestexoticmarigoldhotel.co.uk/

Now for the question for today. Ask yourself:


The Reflection book goes on to say:

“Like a seed buried in the earth what will help germinate it to new life … to help it break out of its shell?”

This reminds me of a new blog (TRUTH and cake) I discovered yesterday with a piece titled “What did You Give Up to Get What You Want?” This title should cause us to think a little. Perhaps we have to give something up to unearth the germ within the seed in the ground? Perhaps it simply needs watering or fertilising? Or perhaps we need to limit TV (or iPhone usage??) so we can start on a project that is dear to our heart?

(You may wish to check out  the blog “TRUTH and cake“. The article is a good read:  http://truthandcake.com/2012/03/28/what-did-you-give-up-to-get-what-you-got/. Here are a couple of comments from people on this article:

  1. I gave up posturing to get what I want — which is a real relationship with myself. The first thing that had to go was the urge to please the people who rule the world. It’s been the right choice for me. It’s almost blissful living in this pristine and unincorporated territory.  (my note: posturing means: asking or demanding)
  2. Sometimes we have to give up things when we don’t want to; it’s interesting finding out what is really important to you and what you can do without! Nice article.

Whatever the answer is, my question is now ‘out there’ and it will lead to some reflection for all of us. Remember we are wanting to break free into a newer life this Easter aren’t we? 

Oh dear, what’s in store for me tomorrow after my epiphany from last night?? Hang on to your hat … here we go!

PS: As I am about to publish Geoff has come to the window to tell me that Ann (next door) said “Do you like the way I got those boys moving? I’m on the warpath!”  Thanks Ann. You have no idea, do you, what really happened?