In keeping with our calendar of wellbeing, young Sara (8) tells us to eat fruit every day to be healthy. Good idea and no joke...

Hello to a new month and my new theme! My third month of blogging. Alleluia! Congratulations self: great milestone.

However, April 1st has arrived with no fanfare much from me in the joking stakes, but it has not always been so.

You simply cannot have a lively Cockney father without having some fun on April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools Day. Who knows what larks my father would think up and always very early in the morning before your brain got into gear, as you were fair  game for tricks then.

Even when our children were young, Geoff and I would play tricks too but do people still do this? Let me know. I read a report in the paper today that every time you laugh at something or get a giggle out of a little one, “you’re modelling the value of humour….and it can help to ease life’s tiny bumps and serve as a teaching moment for children.”  Well, this is something I have done right without even knowing it. But then, my father modelled it for me. Thanks Dad.

And where did April’s Fools Day come from anyway? Well, “Investigator Mum” to the rescue! (Dan always maintained as a young adult that I was an Investigator because, when he moved out. I always knew when he had been in my house no matter how careful he was). Well, it seems there are a few theories about the origins of April Fools Day but this is the one “Investigator Mum” thinks is the most likely:

“Before the reform of the calendar by Pope Gregory VII in the 1500s, this day celebrated the beginning of the New Year. However, when Pope Gregory changed the calendar and New Year became 1st January, this reform was too radical for the conservatives who continued to keep April 1st as the New Year. Such conservatives who refused to embrace the new calendar were called ‘April Fools’.”  Taken from Toward the Light, Lenten Reflections

Now, on the bottom of this explanation there is a question that the reflections asks and I am going to ask it of all of us today. You see, in my life as a Christian, it is Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday) the beginning of what we call Passion or Holy Week leading up to the death of Jesus and then on Easter Sunday, the Resurrection.

So in keeping with this, I am going to pose one question every day this week in order to help us along until Easter Sunday. Let’s make this a celebration that is about MORE than Easter Eggs folks! We need to think in terms of renewal: renewing ourselves and coming forth like the chicken from the egg (and Christ from the Tomb) to new life. Who is with me on this? The question will be about life so I am not going to get too deep and meaningful on all of you.  Here’s the question from the April 1st post:”


Interesting question but what does it mean I asked myself? You might be helped by something else I read (in the same reflection book for Easter) by Viktor Frankl, author of “Saying Yes to Life in Spite of Everything:”

“We must never forget that we may also find meaning in life when facing a fate that cannot be changed … when we are no longer able to change a situation … we are challenged to change ourselves.”

I think that’s what it means when it says to adapt to moving with the times. So the next question is “how do we change ourselves when facing things that cannot be changed? I read once (it was not in the above book either) that when we cannot accept things that happen in life (big as well as small) start saying the word “yes” to ourselves over and over until our head catches up with our heart and we begin to feel acceptance settle into our being. How do you think YOU can change yourself?

Yes, I will have to ponder on these thing myself in the next 24 hours and see what I come up with folks. But it will be interesting to see how YOU fare. As for me I want to come out as a ‘newer creature’ than I was before …

Until tomorrow.