Hello all

They do turn out weird shapes as they are made in a ring tin but do taste great.

What a day! So busy with child minding yet always full of delight and entertainment, laughter and fun. And even some cooking too. Cheese Scones yummy! Watch for the recipe at the end.

Now for something more serious. I have been mulling for a few days about things like humility, narcissism and self-obsession as it seems to be popping up everywhere I look lately.

Now, this could be because here in the State of Queensland we have been in election mode for the last six weeks and if you know how self-obsessed (and egotistic) politicians can be, you  will also know why I have been thinking about it! I have purposely avoided blogging about our election because I had enough of hearing, reading and watching it unravel on TV to want to avoid it totally.

You see Campbell Newman (former Lord Mayor of Brisbane) had left local government and put his hand up to try to become Premier of Queensland. I know people overseas will find this all a bit much but let’s just say that we have three tiers of government: local, state and federal. This was our state election which is held every three years.

Hmmm… yes …  Campbell Can-Do Newman! Whether you love this man or hate him, he ended up being elected last night in a landslide (make that an avalanche).  This is a fact we cannot ignore! When Can-Do Campbell (as he was known as Lord Mayor) gave his victory speech, he said that he and his team would remain humble despite winning with such a resounding majority (75 seats to all the others 16)  So, it was rather dramatic.

I watched him with interest. I was surprised to hear that word “humble” popping up from a politician (ANY politician for that matter) who I would have thought would not know the meaning of the word!  I thought: do politicians know how to be humble? You must admit, it is an interesting word for any politician to use.

I asked myself: was this spin? Was he genuine? Can a politician promise to remain humble? Being self-obsessed and even sometimes narcissistic seems to be a trait for politicians.  You have to say it certainly was an amazing victory and I cannot pretend it never happened even if I was never sure about him (mind you, I do not know him personally). Still Campbell, I want to acknowledge your victory here on my blog today. Congratulations!

Now, in the morning paper (after all that election hype which took pages and pages) I saw a piece in “Kylie Lang on Sunday” talking about people who, when they become celebrities, “lose blabber control.” Isn’t that a great phrase to use? It is obviously a play on “bladder control” he he.

We all know what she is talking about: celebs give us far too much information that we don’t want. How” Giving us details of their personal life (try sex lives) which is better left not said for one! Then Kylie talked about Margaret Whitlam who died recently (the 92-year-old wife of a former Prime Minister of Australia Gough Whitlam) and described her as a woman not prone to self-promotion. (Mind you, Gough was full of self-promotion so she probably needed to be his opposite to survive!)

But I digress. Margaret was indeed an amazing woman in her own right and no shrinking violet either. She said: “You mustn’t have too great a sense of your own importance because, really, nobody else will have.”  She thought her life was far too boring for anyone to want to write her autobiography but eventually someone did and it was far from boring apparently. It is called “The Matriarchs” (1986) by Susan Mitchell. Methinks I will have to read this one! She also said this which I love:

“I think a sense of humour is absolutely essential. And a sense of not being the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

So this lead me again to think of the word “humility” and of the words Campbell Newman used and I pondered on it. I have no answers, I am just in thinking mode here. But, the other day I saw a headline on a newspaper website which said: “Lots of Facebook friends? You might be a narcissist”

Oh no, I thought, is nothing sacred! We cannot even have friends on Facebook now without being called a narcissist! It continues:  “A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences has found a link between high numbers of Facebook friends and self obsession.” I wonder what they mean by “high numbers?” It actually made me laugh! You can read to your heart’s content and find out more on this link:


So there you are. I have tried to give you a little snippet and get you thinking about humility and self-obsession and in this way  keep us all aware of when we are falling into the trap of being arrogant or self-obsessed or when we need a wet dishcloth around the ears telling us to get down off our “high horse” and have a little humility!

Oh dear, it is a never-ending battle sometimes, but worth the effort to keep in mind. And do you know who it is hardest to be humble with? Your own dear loved ones: husband, wife, partner or children! Having to admit you are wrong or that you were being arrogant when you did or said something is never easy friends.

So in closing, it is fitting today being Neighbour Day to do something nice for a neighbour. The government web site says: “ it is “Australia’s annual celebration of community, bringing together the people next door, across the street or on the next farm for a beer, a barbie or just a cuppa.”  It brought us together with our young neighbour Malcolm, the computer whiz, who came up and fixed our computer free of charge on Neighbour Day. Thanks Malcolm, you’re a champ!

Well, what a day it has been!  I am not even sure how I have managed to get my blog written! But, I have just about done it and I did manage to get those cheese scones made in between all the magic painting and activities and have even been able to watch  parts of the great family movie:  Anne of Green Gables with the girls.

I knew I must write about humility when I heard Marilla (who adopts Anne in the movie) say to Anne about a neighbour who had invited Anne to tea to apologise for treating her badly: “I suppose Humble Pie will be on the menu.” Love her delightful droll manner!  And yes, we all cried in the end but you’ll have to watch it to find out why.

I thought this line was a fitting one to end my blog. Oh, and here is the recipe for my beautiful cheese scones taken from a very old recipe book dated January 1972. But some things NEVER do date do they?

(If you can’t read it, I will place a larger version on my Facebook page)