Hello all

Last night I left the mess associated with our return home and went to bed early due to a splitting headache. I needed the sleep that heals and soothes!

I have awoken today a little brighter but totally overwhelmed. Geoff has departed for his Wednesday job and I look at the mess around me! But what am I doing? I am finishing a poem I began on Saturday whilst sitting on the beach on a cool autumn day interspersed with showers.

As I write, I feel it is time for reflection today. There is silence here. No one is talking. No activities are planned. I hear the familiar sounds of home – a comfort after being away. Time for meditation; to mull over the things we did and feel blessed by all we have been given. So, as I hear the whirring of the washing machine in the background, I come to my room to sit and reflect.

I need to thank God for what he has given me: a loving and faithful husband, children who have phoned on our return and the luxury of my home to rest in. Today, I wish only to give you my poem which was compiled hastily and is now thrown out to all of you warts and all, to give you a feeling of where I am in my mood today.

The work WILL get done eventually; the clothes washed; rooms tidied but just for this brief moment, let me have a little time for reflection and rest.  Let me take the time to breathe and remember anew what I have left behind in Cabarita. Perhaps it is just a let-down feeling? Still, It is always nice to return to the comfort of HOME!

I hope you enjoy my little poem:

Cabarita deserted as the storm rolls in ...

The Changing Seasons on Cabarita Beach

A gentle breeze whips across the sand

A cooling of atmosphere

Storms are brewing yet again

The sea is raging

Relentless sun now departed

The beach, once crowded now stands empty

And yet, the lure of the seas continues

 For those who love it in all the seasons.

Where once was frenzy and activity

The pace has slackened now that autumn is here

Older people – residents – cannot resist its constancy

And walk its shores with slower gait

Whilst young people stroll with dogs a-leash

And still… we come to sit and contemplate

To wait and watch

Hoping to swim in shallows that promise safe return.

A torrid summer of endless rain and  storms

Has had its way with sand now ruined and sculptured into hills

Whilst vegetation is battered and laid to ruin

Mostly it is now a solitary beach

Revealing the face of many seasons

But to us  Cabarita always shows its beauty

No matter what the season

And we who come are blessed in turn

As we walk its restless shores

Fish from its abundant beaches

And enjoy its many pleasures

Not just in sunshine, but in seas that pound and tease

And leave behind its menacing foam.

Oh Cabarita, we will not desert you in the autumn!

No, we will come when sun-lovers leave

We will breathe your salty air

And paddle in your foaming shores

And be content to be your friend

In blistering sun or endless rain.