Hello all

As morning dawned here at Cabarita, it brought with it a wild baptism of rain and now some hours later the sun is trying to shine so it can bid us a fond farewell to this little beach town. Our holiday is over!

I am not sure who would want to swim here at Cabarita after reading this sign!

The usual things are happening as I write. Warren’s bird is beeping to let us know his owner is gone out. I can hear the surf rolling in with a loud roar and deduct it must be a very high tide this morning. Harry the Wheel is wandering around cleaning things up after the rain, opening locked doors on sheds and being his usual useful self. I think he is going shopping later. Brenda has fed the birds and gone out for the day.

Lee from down the track should be putting the finishing touches to his pavers beside his van. He has been laying them all week in between the rain and I noted last evening on my walk, that they are just about done. I met a new resident outside Lee’s van – Kevin by name – an old chap and new to the park apparently. He informed me he lived at No.19 and I smiled and said “Oh yes, your van says ‘19 nineteen’ I noticed that!” Kevin, a widower, must be quite pedantic I feel.

And so, with the cast of what could be a new reality show: “Caravan Park Capers” all set up, we can return home confident that we have (hopefully) contributed something positive to the vibe of the park. I discovered yesterday that few people knew there was a small Movie Theatre in the next town. Also, not everyone is aware that it was actually Warren’s Princess Parrot beeping and not something else. And both Harry and Brenda were amazed when we told them about the Fiddlers playing for St. Patty’s Day in their own town!

Geoff and I, investigators of the highest order – like our favourite Poirot – have gone about our business noting all the small things that show the makings of a good detective.  And … we know how to read the THREE newspapers (four actually if you count The Echo which I read at Mullumbimby’s Big Mama Café) that tell you so much about the happenings here.

However, I must admit I learned something new from Lee yesterday when we were discussing Warren’s bird. As we talked I could hear a noise of a “whack …whack … whack” and Lee asked me what I thought it was. Apparently, a few houses down there is a cricket ball suspended on a rope and a young fellow  hits the ball with a cricket bat getting in some batting practise for cricket! It is “Noise Central” here.

We will go back to the routine of our lives in suburbia and we will miss the easy interactions that take place when you are sharing an Amenities Block or when you walk outside your front door and there are people living right next to you which you cannot ignore.  A Caravan Park life forces you to be sociable or to at least acknowledge other people. You cannot hide as easily!

Shortly, Geoff and I plan to take advantage of the “Coffee and Cake” offer at the Sports Club and have a treat for our last morning tea in Cabarita. It is Seniors Week down here and there has been much on offer for us ‘old’ people. Because the weather has been so up and down, we have planned outings in comparison to when the sun shines brilliantly all day every day and you soak it all up under a beach umbrella. Next time perhaps?

LATER: Well, we know our holiday is over now as we have arrived home at last. Now, the really hard work of cleaning up will begin in earnest shortly. We were bid farewell by a lovely couple – Lee and his wife Mary-Ann – which felt really nice. We will have to catch up on our next visit.  Now, before I face the cleaning up, let me indulge in a some escapism until tomorrow.

I continue to read Death comes to Pemberley and I have had Geoff laughing at the wonderful way PD James continues to emulate Jane Austen in her writing. I have to say I am not sure I like the direction some of my favourite characters take in this book, but I cannot fault her writing style at all. It continues to amaze me. I simply have to share one piece.

A murder has been committed in the grounds of Pemberley – supposedly by Mr. Wickham – and now it is Sunday and time for Lizzie and Mr. Darcy to attend the parish church. This is what PD James says next:

“A brutal murder on one’s own property by a brother by marriage ( Mr Wickham) with whom one is known to be at enmity will inevitably produce a large congregation, including some well-known invalids whose prolonged indisposition had prohibited them from the rigours of church attendance for many years.”

In other words, everyone would go to church to check out what was going on! But … even though all these people went to church to ogle and find out details they had to be careful as we read:

“No one, of course, was so ill-bred as to make their curiosity apparent, but much can be learnt by the judicious parting of fingers when the hands are raised in prayer, or by a single glance under the protection of a bonnet during the singing of a hymn.”

Don’t you simply love the way this is written? it is all about appearances! Well, there is my escapism for my 80th day of blogging out of 366 days and with that I will leave you as I am just a tad exhausted!