Hello all from a wet and wild Cabarita day…

Yes, it is quite a miserable day as I write and I am contemplating why in the name of goodness I would want to blog when I am on holidays and especially after dancing late into last night.

It seemed so easy at home! And it was even easy here at Cabarita until now. That is, until we got tired from swimming in the surf yesterday and then all that dancing!   As if all this wasn’t enough, we had a grand plan to go to Mass at 8am today to a small town called Murwillumbah which is roughly 23 ks away on a winding mountain road west of here.

(In passing let me tell you that Murwillumbah is a lovely little town of approx 8,000 and is home to a lot of sporting clubs and one hilariously called The Gentlemen of Murwillumbah Rugby Union Club – “The Bananas” – something you need to know).

It is funny isn’t it, how you make these grand plans in the calm of the day and then when it unfolds, it all seems too much. The thing is, you are usually glad you did all those activities, once the next day comes around and when you return home you even brag (well sort of…) about what you did!

Well, we actually woke up in time and thought “let’s just do it!” but on this occasion, Geoff felt irritated about driving the long mountainous road to Murwillumbah and decided to take an easier route down the highway which led us to a whole new experience 30 ks away, nowhere near Murwillumbah!

I will not bore you with the details of that drive, or what was said, or of the realisation that we were lost (and not in translation either). It was now 8am and we were miles from our destination, so we decided to wing it and see what we could find. Thank God we had resorted to laughter by this time! What else could one do? Too late to go back now.

We ended up at a town with the dubious name of “Mullumbimby” (‘Mullum’ for short) a quiet little country town which has seen its share of hippies in the past but which seems to have matured past this point now. You would think it was all planned as we walked into a church full of people, albeit 15 mins late! Seamlessly, we sat down and listened to the sermon as if we had always intended it to be so. Timing was almost perfect.

A great place to eat in Mullum...

A beautiful breakfast was had afterwards at “Big Mama,” the café where church directions were obtained previously, was a winner! Yumm … poached eggs on baby spinach with sour dough toast and a pot of English Breakfast tea. Always my favourite breakfast! And I found a good quote at this delightful ‘alternative style’ café to give you, as I have felt the need after being at church, to give out some inspiration today (as tired as I am I just have to do it!) .

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Love can come into being only when there is total self-abandonment”

You may have to think about this quote as I have been doing since I came home and had a nice snooze. However, the inspiration we obtained at church was far easier to understand! Father quoted different people saying profound things but this one from Pope Paul VI was good:

  • We cannot talk about forgiveness unless we ourselves FORGIVE
  • We cannot talk about justice unless we ourselves are JUST

He also said that there is always responsibility attached to anything we do or enjoy eg with social media there comes a need not to become self-centered but to think of others when using it, technology is good but not without direction. 

The view from the valley church at Mullumbimby

So there is my little Sermon – not from the Mount. No. For we ended up not on the mountain of Murwillumbah but in the Valley of Mullum – the Valley of Hope where we met our destiny that we had not planned!

Well … the blog is done … I feel better now.  I can get up knowing I have completed my 78th day of blogging under all conditions and not just when I feel like it! I have taken my responsibility seriously (as per the sermon) and not let down the side.

PS. Loved the duo the Flogging Fiddles last night. We had a great time, chatted to one of the group during his break. They played lots of Irish music with different instruments.  In the beginning the dance floor was empty except for very small  children who came to the dance floor one at a time to do their own unique style of dance eg ballet, Irish dancing etc. How funny was that! Everyone applauded their efforts even the duo.

Later us adults took to the floor and although numbers were small, we had a ball dancing the night away. Thanks to the Courtesy Bus we were dropped home around 11.30pm laughing with the locals as we went along.

Until tomorrow