Hello all 

There is a special vibe about this little caravan park here at Cabarita Beach.

It is like a small community (36 vans) as most of the residents are permanent with only four camping/caravan spots for hire. We feel like ‘de facto’ residents as we visit regularly and have got to know all the people who count, including Brenda who runs the park with a gravel-voiced English accent and an iron fist! Harry the Wheel (we call him) is her back-up and does most of the physical work. 

These two have been an item in the past (they live in vans opposite each other) but each time we come, we notice the gap has widened and each tells us stories about the other that suggest differences and some criticism. We always laugh about it but notice they couldn’t live without each other! Isn’t that a bit like an old married couple anyway??

A lot of the residents here live to fish. They gather and discuss the fish they caught last night, the ones they are going to catch today and will even show you a photo or two of fish others have caught. This is what happened late yesterday. A chap called Lee (getting into his fishing gear) began regaling a story about a GIANT of a fish someone else caught and the photo his wife captured after the event.

It is indeed a shame that I didn’t get him to send me the picture as it was taken of the fisherman’s back with a giant Jew fish thrust over it as he walked along. Now, you have to keep HOW he caught it a secret as Lee says it is illegal to do so, but just between you and me, I will share it because it is something that begs to be told.

First of all you catch a good-sized mullet (this in itself offers a challenge to start with) and while it is still wriggling, you put it on a very large hook on the end of a good strong line and you put the poor fellow back into the sea. As the mullet sighs with relief thinking he has escaped, he makes his way back into the depth of the ocean. Here he attracts a giant fish and wham … within a short time, the giant fish is on the end of the line and being reeled in. ‘Come in sucker!’  Ssssh now don’t tell anyone … (by the way would you also end up with the mullet too?)

As Lee said to me last night: “now THERE’S  something to blog about!”  He went on to say he could tell some stories about this place but unfortunately he declined to do so. Drat! Meanwhile, Geoff and I were  talking to Harry this morning about fish and other things when, fountain of information that Harry is, he told us about a time he spent making smallgoods for Hans (a German who started making Hans sausages and salami many years ago in Australia) in the days when Hans first started out.

There were three of them in an old bakery and Hans started the idea of selling what we now call “shortcuts” of bacon (bacon with the fatty tail cut off) as he was always left with this part of the bacon from his salami and he didn’t want to waste it. Harry suggested selling it as mini-bacon, but Hans said “No, we’ll call it short-cuts!”  Thus, short-cuts of bacon were born. Harry swears this is true!

See what I mean about the people in this place? Always a good story to tell.  I offered Harry some of my home-made fruit cake and he insisted on my taking some fresh fish – Taylor – as barter when I wanted to pay for it!  He said “that’s what we do here, we barter.”  Seems we have been accepted after 10 years of visiting!

Dan with Bob Katter wearing THE HAT.

I cannot finish my blog today without a little bit of hilarity regarding our son Daniel. He sent me a photo by smart phone yesterday taken at a local shopping complex, with a Federal politician Bob Katter.  Bob, who wears a big Texan cowboy hat, is very well-known in Queensland as the Independent politician from the bush who does not toe any party line so he is able to do and say whatever he likes.

He has now formed his own party: Katter’s Australian Party and is out on the circuit trying to get his politicians elected into State politics for the election on March 24th.  Now, being half Lebanese, Bob has a mouth on him that would make his mother proud. My auntie who lives in the outback knows the Katter family well so you could say I have a loose connection to this huge personality who can always be counted on to say or do something controversial!

So, when Dan sent me the photo wearing Bob’s big hat, Geoff and I were gobsmacked. I then put the photo on my Facebook page and there has been much hilarity and comments ever since. It’s a beauty and has actually surpassed the photo of Geoff wearing a similar hat as his profile picture. Daniel has outdone his father by wearing THE hat and not a replica. I wonder what influence Daniel might have now?

Therefore, I thought it only fitting now that Daniell  is a star, he should be on my blog today with his photo. Now, bear in mind that Dan has no political leanings toward Bob but happened upon him whilst working at Carindale with his gym “Go Health Clubs”.

I wonder if Dan is now going to run his own political party called “The Go Party” and all of the candidates could wear these hats. Geoff wants to know where he can sign up! Here he is (left) ready to go.

Thus my blog today has been overtaken by these stories and I will have to wait until tomorrow to teach you a new word taken directly from…? Yes,  Murder … at Pemberley. Who has done it??  All will be revealed at a later date.

It’s been fine mostly today and we were delighted with the company of have our friend and neighbour who visited for lunch. Time now for Happy Hour!

Until tomorrow