Hello all!

I was sitting in the hairdressers having my hair coloured and cut when I finally caught up with one of those trashy magazines that give you all the Red Carpet photos of the stars on Oscar night.

It was certainly not a good look (hair all sticking out covered in dye) for me as I was  indulging in the glitz and glamour of the hype that is the Academy Awards. Still, it enabled me to relive and ogle at those beautiful dresses that the stars wore to the event, without thinking too deeply on how much they spent. But, as I said before, I just love all that glitter and glamour as it is pure escapism for me.

In fact, the magazine I was reading was called “FAMOUS” a strange name as I have never heard of it before. If it is indeed ‘famous’ why is this the first time I have ever seen it? Still, I am sure there are those that read my blog who would have heard of it and can let me know!

The first thing that struck me was an article captioned “ANGE’S LEG“. Now, I felt as if I was one of the first people in cyberspace to comment on Angelina and her sticking-out leg, on my blog in the early part of Oscar day. Now, according to “FAMOUS” everyone is talking about it (and not just me)! This is what the magazine reported:

“It was clear Ange was on a one-woman mission to give her leg as much air-time as possible and it was mission accomplished!”

This then, is what the Mail online said about the leg incident:

“It (the leg) was the star of the Oscars, stealing the show with its attention-seeking antics. But Angelina’s lithe leg was kept covered up yesterday as the actress snapped right back to motherly duties.

But while the 36-year-old actress may be keen to move on from her overexposed limb, the rest of the world isn’t quite as ready to forget.”

Read more and see the send-ups: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2107370/Angelina-Jolie-Oscars-2012-right-leg-pose-goes-viral.html#ixzz1oyYF4Xtl

The magazine also told how an Oscar winner Jim Rash (screenwriter of Descendants) accepted his award and went into an Angelina pose. According to FAMOUS it was the “moment of the night but a camera view showed Ange was unamused.”

Oh, nothing is sacred, not even the Statue of Liberty!

Oh I wonder why? Poor Ange, she had no idea that her delight in having such a beautiful dress and such a good-looking leg to show off would lead to such ridicule! The magazine wondered if she had taken the posing too far and should have stopped before she went on stage to give out an award. And yes, I remember feeling embarrassed for her when I watched the Oscars live. Inwardly, I was thinking “Oh Angelina, don’t do it AGAIN!” almost willing her to stop.

I have to say this for her: she knows how to capture the limelight and get attention! Whether you love her or hate her (and I make no judgment of her here) she does a lot of good things for causes. But unfortunately, there’s more! Now, into the bargain, cheeky bloggers set up a false Twitter account called “AngiesRightLeg” and it now it has 41,000 followers!  Apparently “planking” is now outdated and “legging” is in.

And so today as I innocently sat in the chair at the hairdressers, I became caught up in “the leg” again and I felt sorry for Angelina Jolie. If that was me, I would want to go and hide forever, but I am sure she will get over it and be back with another movie and attend another Oscar night, possibly minus a dress that shows the tiniest bit of  leg.

Here is some encouragement for Angelina...

However, I did ask myself: “Tess, don’t you have anything better to do?”  Or to write about? Talk about?  “Puh-leeze, find me something better to blog about!” Well, it was hard to go anywhere, when you look like Godzilla and you are stuck in a hairdressers chair. So, here I am blogging about it because time is getting away and it has stayed in my mind every since! But, spare a kind thought for Angelina today.

On another tack, what do you think of my new rendition of the word “puh-leeze?” (please said with emphasis). I am not even sure where I found it but I put it in my blog book for further use, so here it is. I love it! Talking about words, here is some other useless information about words that I heard on breakfast radio.

Apparently, there is a Goodle Ngram Viewer which shows you on a graph which words are declining or increasing. There are 10 million words in the English language in use right now but a lot are rapidly declining. And do you know where Google got the information in the Ngram Viewer? From 15 million scanned books.  I haven’t checked out how to use it but according to Peter Blake, the techno expert, the word “childcare” is increasing and the word “kindergarten” is decreasing.  Here is the link to the site:    http://books.google.com/ngrams/info

So I will leave you with all this information, and remind you that I did say in the beginning that my blog was going to be about ‘NOTHING” and today I think I have lived up to this promise. No one should be disappointed!

Until tomorrow, do the best you can to make our world a happier place. And the one thing I have learned from this whole Angelina business is that we all have to learn to laugh at ourselves or we will go mad. Yes sure, I think Ange went too far but I hope Brad can help her laugh at the whole thing and tell her to get up andJUST KEEP GOING…”